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  1. Feb 2016
  2. Sep 2015
    1. The flare tipped Gillette Super Speed razor with the regular unpainted handle was manufactured in 1954-1966. It gives my moderately heavy beard a very smooth, comfortable, and efficient shave with a Feather blade. It is slightly heavier and definitely more aggressive than its ultra-mild blue tipped brother. It is less aggressive than the red tip version. It (along with the late 1940's Super Speed) is the best Gillette Super Speed razor for most persons. The shaving performance appears to be the same as the late 1940's version, which has a more classic design handle. The flare tip regular Gillette Super Speed is an outstanding razor.
  3. Aug 2015
    1. The Conns Photolab (introduced in 1990) offers a high quality and cost effective range of services including developing, printing and scanning for film, digital or print reproduction.
    1. finer details and implementation would be discussed during the visit of the Afghan delegation

      BS: The 'finer details'? Ah the devil is never in the details. Great plan.

  4. May 2015