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  1. Apr 2023
    1. themed restaurant at Disney where every dish is named after a beloved character

      This CHALLENGES. I don't think that naming dishes after characters is immersive theming--i just think it's corny.

    2. For example, if you are creating an environment with the theme of “adventure”, what elements would you add to the space to give the audience the overarching experience of adventure? You can see how understanding the theme can affect choices like materials, lighting, props and scenery.

      This CONFIRMS what I know about creating video game levels, too. They have an entire field called "environmental storytelling" in game narrative design that is all about making sure the way you interact with the level matches with the themes of the game.

    3. medium

      medium = the form of mass communication (tv, film, dance, etc)

    4. demographics

      demograpics = statistical information about people or groups of people

    5. transcend

      transcend = go beyond

    6. immersive

      pervasive = spread widely or surrounding almost completely

    1. paradigms

      paradigm ("pair-uh-dime") = way of thinking.

    2. Lesson #2: Setting is the most common and important narrative technique

      This connects to the article on immersive narrative that we will be reading later

    3. Lesson #1: Dark rides and stage shows are powerful storytellers

      This connects with the article on dark rides that we will read later.

    4. components

      Components = parts; pieces

    5. pervasive

      Pervasive = everywhere

    6. static

      Static = not moving; stationary

  2. Nov 2021
    1. Students don’t know how to make proper use of its vast research options—and they aren’t asking university librarians for help.

      This reminds me of The Breakfast Club where the kids are left alone in a giant library that's overwhelming