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  1. Jul 2019
    1. There are also sobering lessons here about the limits and ethics of “sousveillance,” the use of our handheld devices to record from “below.” (This is in contrast to surveillance from on-high, a la CCTV or drones.)

      new vocab word! and an important concept to consider in conversations about ethics and civil life.

    2. Of course, the sexual implication is something he’d be praised for, while the woman is attacked.

      Ugh, this is very uncool (though predictable).

    1. When you see a meme going around, give a thought to the subject of that meme image, whose life may forever be changed.

      The article on the dark side of "Plane Bae" illustrates the reality of this statement.

    2. Meme histories are tracked from first appearance, providing a reference of viral memes.

      I would love to study the spread of some of my favorite memes to learn when they originated and hypothesize about how they reached my screen. Fascinating!

  2. Jun 2019
    1. lways, always hover, and see what they are verified for.

      whoa, quick and easy trick! I'll definitely use it.

    2. Now imagine a world where checking your mirrors before switching lanes was rare, three standard-deviations-out behavior. What would the roads look like?

      what would the roads of the modern web look like if folks did regularly do this, on Facebook for instance?