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  1. Nov 2016
    1. When is it best to do a Google search versus ask a question on Twitter?

      Even though this is such a simple line to question I really think it's a great question. To be honest, I never even thought about asking twitter because I always resort to google. I think the difference is whether you want a real analyzed question or whether you want a straight up answer with no meaning behind it. For example, if Im looking for the answer to a question in my math homework, why would I ask twitter and wait for an answer when I can get it immediately from google? An example for a real life answer would be like if I should dump my boyfriend or not because I have friends on there to answer; I could LITERALLY make a poll on twitter for that. #FYS156

  2. Oct 2016
    1. Managing DependenciesTechnology support can be incorporated into routines for managing dependencies. Calendarprograms remind people of appointments and notification services alert them when messagesarrive or other events occur. Concurrency controls help people work in parallel, preventing themfrom interfering with each other's work or alerting them when potential conflicts have occurred.Affordance Description ExamplesNotification When an event occurs, the user is notified,so that user need not keep checking to seewhether the event has occurred yet.Beeper, smoke alarmConcurrencycontrolsWhen people work together, technology canprevent them from overwriting each other'swork, either by preventing simultaneousaccess or by merging changes that resultfrom simultaneous access.Transaction processing;check-out, check-in andmerge features in RCS andCVS for software source code

      In my point of view, managing dependencies with technology are great uses in my life as well as others. To be completely honest, if I didn't have reminders and alarms in my phone set up, I wouldn't be half as responsible as I am now. I think that it's optional if you don't choose to use these technology cheats.

    1. being passionate and hard-working — is an important trait that predicts student achievement.

      We strongly agree that being hard-working in school is far more important than just being intelligent in the books. We think this is extremely important because we have seen students/people that don’t contain much intelligence; yet they’re working hard to find the resources in order to help them succeed in something they might need. This connects to doing well in college because there’s more resources and you don’t only just have to be smart.

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      -N. Jones, A. Weekes, K. Rooney, M. Hite

    1. The best students did the reading, and were on top of what was going on; and many of the rest remained confused, often because they hadn’t done the reading, but sometimes even when they had. This was clear in their writing, which I graded, and was often quite confused even though they had been in class and section.

      Of course the students that do their work that's assigned are obviously going t o succeed in the class. If you really know and understand the material, then it's not hard to talk or write about.

  3. Sep 2016
    1. In a reaction against this some historians have gone to the other extreme and argued that social history should become the history of society: societal history.

      You can't make one subject(social history) cover all of the subgroups of the history of society. There's too much information and you can't just group it together.

    1. I do not pretend doing this will be easy or quick. It is nothing less than the reinvention of the American education system.

      I agree that no new education should be rushed into. I think it's good change but it should also be a very slow change.

    1. Students must have more than just competencies or skills -- they must have the right kinds of intellectual experiences, whether we measure those experiences in terms of credits, tutorials, classes or some other unit.

      I agree. I think that natural skills are great to have and can be very handy, but I think that having experiences along to go with those skills just make it even better. I think that actually experiencing things gives you a better feel.

    1. I agree with not being able to multitask in the classroom because I believe that to truly learn one subject, you should have your full attention. What I don't understand is how they think it's even possible to multitask in class, and where they think this is being taught. The only way I can see multitasking taking a role in education is when there's a number of classes being taught in one day.