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  1. Apr 2017
    1. Affinity Spaces - MTG: Salvation

      Hello Ben,

      Nice change of pacing for a presentation! I appreciated the fact that it wasn't another video. I don't have much experience with prezi, but it seemed to fit this particular application well!

      I had heard of the game Magic before, but only in passing and never had any real experience with it. Your presentation was thorough and I personally liked how it resonated with your learning throughout this course. You were able to make relevant correlations to the semester's knowledge. I like how you narrated the engagement among the community, you broke it down into cataegories and had a great understanding of the flow of information within the community.

      Your interpretation of the interaction of the community according to Gee was very accurate and well thoughtout. The community's practice was well documented through the analysis of the discussion and threads, about the topics directly related to the game, as well as, topics indirectly-related such as the price of decks and the speculations surrounding the release of certain materials.

      Your knowledge of the course materials was extremely evident throughout your presentation. It seemed that your experience lent itself to a real-world application of affinity spaces, your chosen community provided you with a robust demonstration of what it exactly means to be apart of a great learning community and network of passionate people contibuting to an AS.

      Great job! Thanks for sharing your presentation!

  2. Apr 2016
    1. We commit to learning

      Definition: pledge or bind (a person or an organization) to a certain course or policy. Don't we all want the same outcome, learning to happen? By whatever means necessary.

    2. I rebelled when Brontosaurus was renamed Apatosaurus

      I can only imagine. Cue pouty lips. As if, the act of rebelling would undo the extinction of the prehistoric creatures. I had to Google Apatosaurus. Is it in fact true? It looks like it is a variation of a Brontosaurus. I should probably not be hyper-focusing on this one particular detail. #laserfocused

    3. and an environment of experimentation and fun (thus, the “Lab”

      I love when companies or organizations use the word LAB. It sets the stage for the unknown & gives freedom for new & exciting results, free of expectations.

    4. I lived them and breathed them

      When we dare to explore new realms of reality or explore uncharted territories in a routine, it is hard to take that first step. Unlike, something we know inside & out, or in this case, "lived & breathed"

    5. the use of digital technology to widen the parameters of human interaction and knowledge production is still in its most experimental stage

      Key emphasis on the word "widen", digital should be used to expand practices already in place, until the digital gap has been bridged. Some educators are just not completely there yet.