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  1. Oct 2020
    1. While both newspapers addressedthree componants of the larger conflictbetween church leaders, lawyers andlawmakers, their incongruent treat-ment of this subject suggests they wereappealing to a very different audience

      The opening sentence of this conclusion feels like a solid thesis statement. Usually, we shy away from the {argument}, {argument}, {argument}, {rebuttal} thesis. But these few words make it feels like a response, instead of an attack: "Their incongruent treatment of this subject suggests..."

    2. This frame wasmade relevant by language emphasiz-ing the religious affiliation of lawmak-ers, allegations by lawmakers of reli-gious bias and criticism directed at anLDS public relations campaign, alleg-ing it would unduly influence Mor-mon city officials.

      I had been trying to figure out a way to analyze this issue without bias. Analyzing the rhetoric that both sides took is genius! This is something I can emulate in my own paper.

    3. The two newspapers differed con-siderably in those features made sa-lient in explaining this conflict.

      I liked that the Scott David and Christopher McDonald presented the results as a whole initially. But then broke it down by newspaper. I think this is rhetorically strong for an analysis paper. It reduces the overall "argumentative" feel.

    4. Two studies, forexample, found that broadcast andprint news coverage of fundamental-ists emphasized "conflict" and theirpolitical activities, resulting in storiesthat often portrayed them as "intoler-ant and forceful in imposing their viewson others."

      This is a strong passage that will make a great point in my Persuasive Essay. I've often found that media is overly critical of any action The LDS Church takes.

    5. Inshort, framing is "a central organizingidea for making sense of relevant is-sues and suggesting what is the is-sue."' It is manifest when journalists"select some aspects of a perceivedreality and make them more salient."*

      This section is strongly written. It makes sense to introduce framing as an idea. But the author immediately puts it to practice within their issue.