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  1. Nov 2020
    1. The Sopranos is an example of a television show that, while having good intentions, used film completion unethically. In the episode “Proshai, Livushka”, creator David Chase decided to digitally resurrect Nancy Marchand (who had died during production due to lung cancer) in order to give her character, Livia Soprano, an exit that would do her justice. The result, however, was a complete disaster. Commonly referred to as a “bizarre frankenstenian experiment”, the CGI rendering was incredibly sloppy, full of continuity mistakes and unsettling animation (“No Longer Themselves, 53-54).

      This sub claim is helping to back up the idea that some tv shows sometimes can use the film in a negative way.

    1. There is also another issue that Rogue One presents in its resurrection of Cushing, as touched on by Edwards in an interview with CNN Entertainment: “We spoke to Peter Cushing’s estate and asked them, ‘how do you feel about this?’ and they were okay with it. And then the real challenge became: can you do it?” (2017)

      I really liked this evidence because is from an interview about Peter Cushing.

    2. It is for this reason why digital resurrection in the scenario of film completion is generally accepted positively: it is viewed as a means for an actor to complete his or her final performance, something that could be tragically lost if the film is not finished (“No Longer Themselves?”, 50).

      giving the pros of why digital resurrections is seeing in a positive way by people.

    3. British actor Peter Cushing has been dead for 23 years. In August of 1994, the world bid farewell to this cultural icon, and all that was left to remember the man was the legacy that he had left behind.

      I would try to improve this starting by saying that "Peter Cushing had passed 23 years ago, leaving his legacy behind and make him known for it." or probably something even more detailed than that.

  2. Oct 2020
    1. While public educationis hailed as the “great equalizer,” the reality is that it is anything but equal for poor students. Thisproblem extends beyond just school funding: Paul Gorski, an assistant professor and founder ofEdChange, wrote “The Myth of the Culture of Poverty,” in which he claims that the challengeslow-income students face in their academic lives stem largely from societal biases against thepoor, which develop a tendency to “​ignor[e] systemic conditions ... that support the cycle ofpoverty” (34).

      I would say this whole part is the main claim because it states the problem.

    1. The reason why digital resurrection is beneficial in film competition is quite evident. Mainly, it is because filmmakers have permission to use the actor’s likeness throughout the movie from the actor.

      I think is phrase worked very well. Because is explanatory and gives us some background about digital resurrection.

    2. However, our culture’s fascination with nostalgia proves to be a commendable defense of digital resurrection, despite the complications that arise when practicing it.

      I would say this is the part of the main claim. Because it is talking about the certain issue this essay would be focusing on.