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  1. Apr 2017
    1. PepsiCo-opted Protest-a-palooza Experience®

      Love the name!

    2. May we all have the bravery to one day flick off our expensive custom made blonde wig and walk away from our highly paid photo shoot


    3. She was everywhere, in a headscarf. Expressing emotions and not murdering anyone, while wearing a headscarf. Did you see her?

      Oh I saw!!!! I almost put headscarf on to join her and emphasize NO THREAT with two headscarf ladies.

    4. 17 cents to some sort of lady-related charity as a hollow gesture about equal pay

      Great idea! No more, though, it will be too much

    5. The Resistance will be brought to you by PepsiCo

    6. Tropicana® Orange You Glad Slavery Was Abolished Pavilion where we’ll be serving complimentary branded tin cups of our Pure Premium Orange Juice

    7. along with Doritos #AllChipsMatter snack stations


    8. attractive protesters ages 12-24

      What an amazing target age! This will really get people going. Exactly what we need