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  1. Apr 2020
    1. electrostatic

      an electric field/charge that is stationary

    2. capacitor

      a device that stores electrical energy between two conducting electrodes separated by a dielectric (nonconducting) material

    3. Maxwell pressure

      when a voltage is applied between electrodes pressure arises, the elastomer contracts in thickness and expands in area.

    4. dielectric breakdown

      occurs when current flows through a material whose electric charges do not flow freely

    5. hydraulically amplified self-healing electrostatic (HASEL) actuators

      A device which generates movement from electrical energy. The device consists of liquid segments which helps amplifying force generation and heals itself in case of an electrical breakdown.

  2. Mar 2020
    1. actuation

      the action of causing a machine to operate

    2. hydraulic

      denoting, relating to, or operated by a liquid moving in a confined space under pressure.

    3. soft robotics

      a subcategory of robotics that deals with the construction of flexible robots to mimic living organisms

    4. soft actuators

      a lightweight, affordable, and easily customizable device component consisting of flexible material that converts energy into mechanical movement in order to move/control a part of the device

    5. polymer

      AP Chemistry

      Essential knowledge 1.A.1 (EK1.A.1)

      Molecules are composed of specific combinations of atoms; different molecules are composed of combinations of different elements and of combinations of the same elements in different amounts and proportions.

    6. density

      AP Physics II

      Fluids: Essentials Knowledge 1.E.1

      Matter has a property called density.

    7. electric field

      AP Physics II

      Essential Knowledge 5.B.2

      A system with internal structure can have internal energy, and changes in a system’s internal structure can result in changes in internal energy. [Physics 1: includes mass-spring oscillators and simple pendulums. Physics 2: includes charged object in electric fields and examining changes in internal energy with changes in configuration.]

    8. actuation strain

      deformation produced by a non-mechanical stimulus

    9. elastomer

      a material that produces a large deformation when a voltage is applied

    10. polymer fibers

      man-made fibers consisting of synthetic chemicals

    11. transducers

      a device that converts an energy signal in to another form of energy signal

      an example of this is mechanical energy being converted to electrical energy

    12. ionically conductive polyacrylamide (PAM) hydrogels

      a gel which contains significant amount of water and can conduct electricity

    13. electrodes

      an electrical conductor that makes contact with nonmetallic parts of a circuit

    14. polydimethylsiloxane

      the most widely used silicone based organic polymer

    15. strain

      the ratio of total deformation to the initial dimension of the material body upon application of external forces.

    16. dielectric permittivity

      this ability of a material to hold an electrical charge

    17. fluidic actuators

      a device component which uses hydraulic fluid pressure to convert energy into mechanical movement in order to move/control a part of the device.