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  1. Oct 2018
    1. We live during a time in which new technologies continuously appear online, requiring additional skills to effectively read, write, and learn, sometimes on a daily basis.

      Our job as teachers to assess this and make sure our students know how to work technology.

    1. social support to overcome

      Great to get feedback from people!

    2. young person is able to pursue a personal interest or passion with the support of friends and caring adults, and is in turn able to link this learning and interest to academic achievement, career success or civic engagement.

      Love this! I can connect to this because a lot of my "art" friends have personal pages to sell and spread their artwork.

    1. social connection that embraces the diverse backgrounds

      Connections with society through in person experiences/online ones are so important.

    2. ased on her experiences writing online, Abigail decides she wants to become a professional writer. S

      I love this example. It is cool to see how connections online can make you successful/build your experiences snd opportunities.

  2. Sep 2018
    1. students are often not provided with opportunities in school to practice the web literacies necessary to read, write, and

      I agree. I was introduced technology growing up but compared to some of my peers I am behind. I think it is highly important to teach children about the internet/how to use it.

    2. This technology facilitates access to an unlimited amount of online information in a participatory learning space.

      So true. Technology is such a big part of today's society and it is important that we as future teachers know how to use it.

    1. We should not be throwing students into the public domain to discuss sensitive topics without having conversations with them on what they might face and which of these risks they are willing to take, how they would handle it, and how they might support each other.

      So true. It is so important to highlight the negative aspects of the internet and let students be aware of this before hand. Most of my activities in elementary, middle, and high school were set on private within my classes.

    2. It is important for students to recognize that although technology gives us a lot of power, it also restricts us in many ways, a

      This is always my concern. Technology is a great tool but only if used correctly and it is our job as future educators to know this.

    3. For example, teaching digital skills would include showing students how to download images from the Internet and insert them into PowerPoint slides or webpages. Digital literacy would focus on helping students choose appropriate images, recognize copyright licensing, and cite or get permissions, in addition to reminding students to use alternative text for images to support those with visual disabilities

      I like how there was an example provided for these two terms. I think examples are important in the classroom and these terms.

    1. Creativity

      This is a big thing for me since I want to be an art teacher and since I want to incorporate technology into my class. I want to teach students how to share/document artwork online even with younger students we could make it private within the class. This would be great so they could comment on each others work.

    2. Being audience and culturally aware, resolving conflict appropriately, using technology tools effectively, and taking responsibility for personal and group productivity.

      Very important to respect different cultures and understand everyone is online.

    3. Extending thinking beyond the individual learner to integrate social networks and tools in problem-solving.

      Important to connect with others/share ideas esp. as a teacher.

    4. Understanding basic principles, purpose, and applications of coding and programming languages.

      I do not have any experience in this. I was not aware of its importance.

    5. Writing on the web enables one to build and create

      our websites!

    6. Comparing and evaluating information from a number of sources online to test credibility and relevance. 21C Skill: Problem-solving

      Need to focus on this because technology/sources can be helpful, but if the correct information is not provided then this is where it gets messy.

    7. Detecting information in a website using the internal search engine.

      I just learned how to do this. I think it is important to being these steps in the classroom more.

    8. locate people, resources, and information. They then know how to judge the credibility of these sources.1

      This is true and important. When I was in school I was taught how to find credible sources and this is important to know as a future teacher.

    9. What we concluded is that people needed the map to be more approachable, accessible, and applicable f

      I agree. I think if it is more available and easier to use then more people will approve.

    10. today’s

      I think it is important to teach students these skills through technology because it is all over the world and they will have to use it.

    11. foundational

      I think it is crazy that technology is included in this, but it is very true. It is important to be able to work technology and incorporate it in the classroom because it is so prominent in today's society.

    1. There has been considerable concern that television may negatively influence young children’s executive function, especially the ability to focus and sustain attention in task situations.

      I feel like technology in general has positive and negative aspects just like anything else. I believe that it is important for children to have a balance with technology. I think I grew up at a nice time because I know how to use technology, but it was not as dominant. I played outside and created special bonds with people, but also got a Game Boy and electronics for birthdays and special occasions. I think society today is a lot more dependent on technology I know from high school until now I have became a lot more attached. I think moderation is the biggest thing we should focus on when it comes to technology.

    2. There is little question from a large amount of research that educational television has a positive impact on cognitive development.

      I believe it is ok for a child to engage in educational games/T.V, and I also think it is ok to watch Disney/not as educational shows, but I believe it all needs to be balanced. In my human growth class we discuss at one of the most beneficial things to cognitive development is physical play.

    3. Thus, it appears that parental engagement with both television and interactive media, such as smartphones, may reduce the quantity and quality of parent-child interactions, which are crucial for the development of cognitive skills, especially language and executive function.

      I think is is important. I think if children are involved with their children and ask about the games/show interest in their activities I feel like it could benefit a relationship. I do believe that if a child hands a kid a tablet and does not communicate with them all night that their can be serious detachment between parent and child. I hate going to restaurants and seeing a whole family on their phones.

    4. and other interactive technologies (eg, educational apps for tablets and smartphones) to support learning in formal educational contexts.1

      I totally agree with Anna! We used Kahoot all the time in high school as a review and it did help me learn material.

    5. Media have repeatedly been claimed to be important sources of children’s informal education beyond school.

      I do believe in using videos and technology as a learning technique/way to connect ideas/to use examples. I am more old school so I think balance is important I do not think a child just should just learn from technology.

    6. The use of computer games as well as educational computer programs can lead to gains in academically relevant content and other cognitive skills. This article concludes by identifying topics and goals for future research and provides recommendations based on current research-based knowledge.

      I think educational games are fine but I think we should monitor it. In elementary school we played math games on the computers when we got done with our work. Also, in my math ed class we are talking about math in the form of technology and games can get the child more excited about the topic.

    7. The cognitive impact of these media depends on the age of the child, the kind of programming (educational programming versus programming produced for adults), the social context of viewing, as well the particular kind of interactive media (eg, computer games).

      I think technology can be used for good, but has to be thought through for different ages etc. I feel like in those first years of growing it is very important to use more social interactions.

    1. ms.17 The majority of victims report negative feelings, such as embarrassment, worry, fear, depression, or loneliness after cyberbullying events.24

      I think this is important because we see so much more of this as technology increases in society. I agree with Kennedy with the idea that technology is so dominant in schools now this is something teachers need to look out for.

    2. a feeling of being dependent on text messaging was associated with depression.

      I agree with all this because there are times when my phone dies and I have quick moment of panic. I then have to remind myself that there was once a tie without technology. I think the kids growing up now will have an even worse does of this because they were introduced to technology so much earlier.

    3. the behavior may actually increase risk in individuals vulnerable to social anxiety disorder.

      This confirms my idea from the pervious comment. I feel like social anxiety cannot be solved through social media/screentime.

    4. Research has shown that individuals with Internet overuse or addiction report using it to avoid negative emotions, such as anxiety and depression.

      Agree with Kennedy. I feel like using social media in this way could heal emotion in the moment but cause problems in the future. Social interactions in-person are very important especially at those early stages of growth/development.

    5. adults showed that using the Internet to communicate with friends and family was linked with decreases in depression.6

      I do believe communication is very important. I talk to my family, boyfriend and friends who all live away from me. Texting is important for me because I am usually on the go and it is the fastest way to get up with someone. I also rely on my phone when I forget something and I need to test a roommate. There are beneficial aspects to technology.

    6. people leading exciting and idealized lives in media programs invites social comparison and contributes to dissatisfaction with oneself.4

      I agree with Reilly because I have seen this many times. I also stated earlier that I have fears for my niece. Those fears come from seeing friends compare themselves to other people. I feel like social media sets expectations high and makes people question their personal lives/worth.

    7. difficult to calm a child who has been intensely frightened by a program or movie, and the resulting loss of sleep and heightened levels of unnecessary anxiety

      I think this is an important point and I feel like it is our job as future educators and parents to monitor what is being watched by children. I do believe in allowing a young adult more privacy but a child needs support in making certain decisions like watching a scary movie before bed.

    8. especially social media

      Also a big point. I believe social media sets expectations high and make people think they are not good enough. For example, my sister compared herself to all the "organic moms" out there. I think it is just important to limit this social media time. Also my niece is about to be 9 and has an Instagram with all her dance friends and as they get older i feel like it could cause issues.

    9. Early research has explored the impact of traditional media (eg, television, movies) on children’s acute fears, which can result in anxieties and related sleep disturbances that are difficult to remedy.

      Personally this was one of my fears. I find myself on my phone in bed at night and then not being able to go to sleep. My sister allows my niece and nephew to watch something before bed to get them to fall asleep, but sometimes it does the opposite. This is something I am interested in reading!

  3. Aug 2018
    1. Using WordPress import tool is great for moving pages and posts

      very true! I used Word Press to create an art blog and it was great to display it!

    1. important

      I think it is very important to have your own space to locate your ideas/thoughts later!