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  1. Mar 2016
    1. We were married in the eyes of God and I belong to him right now and always will and all of me is his.

      ja yes

    2. “He was more than any husband could ever be

      ja yes

    3. My soul belongs to Steve Ketchel

      her soul belongs to him

    4. I hope to God they don’t have fighters like that now. He was like a god,

      lost generation despair

    5. ma


    6. There aren’t any more men like Steve Ketchel.”

      code hero, lost generation

    7. Swedes

      what is it with sweden and hemmingway

    8. but he had no cap and his face was white and his hands were white and thin.

      not a lumberjack

    9. “All you punks stink.”

      lost generation reference

    10. hand forward under the bar, watching us both

      reaching for a gun

  2. Feb 2016
    1. Mrs. Elliot and the girl friend now slept together in the big mediæval bed.

      they were lovers

    2. they were all quite happy.

      not very happy

    3. dancing to the gramophone

      having sex