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  1. Mar 2016
    1. Steve Ketchel was the finest and most beautiful man that ever lived. I never saw a man as clean and as white and as beautiful as Steve Ketchel.

      He was white and beautiful and represents a brighter and more loving side of the hookers, which results in empathy from the bystanders. He is portrayed as a symbol of the hookers more uplifting past.

    2. “Did I know him? Did I know him?

      She never really answers "Yes", so this indicates that she is trying to avoid being specific and giving a straight answer (because she probably did not know him)

    3. as clean and as white and as beautiful

      The use of adjectives such as "clean", "white" and "beautiful", to describe Stanley, says a lot about what qualities she admires in a man.

    4. “It would be impossible for Steve to have said that,” Peroxide declared.

      Implicitely implying something about Steve's character.

    5. Did I know him? Did I know him?

      Needs to convince herself and the others that she knows him and what he stands for

    6. I never saw a man as clean and as white and as beautiful as Steve Ketchel
    7. Wasn’t his name Stanley Ketchel?”

      They dont even know his name - this could indicate that the important thing is not what his name is (or Jesus' name) but what he stands for. It could also indicate that she desperately needs to believe in something even though she dont know what that means.

    8. We were married in the eyes of God and I belong to him right now and always will and all of me is his.

      ja yes

    9. “What do you know about Steve? Stanley. He was no Stanley. Steve Ketchel

      The girls do not know his real name which indicates that they probably never really knew him at all. This can be compared to Steve = Jesus, because no one really knows Jesus at all. No one really knew him but everyone claims that they do.

    10. “He was more than any husband could ever be

      ja yes

    11. Peroxide blondes = LIGHT, but fake light.

    12. I loved him like you love God
    13. He was like a god


    14. My soul belongs to Steve Ketchel

      her soul belongs to him