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  1. Jul 2021
  2. Mar 2021
    1. Understanding LSTM

      Version1 of the paper has the wrong expression for the sigmoid function at many places. Authors should replace it with a newer version

      They mention \( \frac{1}{(1-e^{-l \times x})} \) instead of the correct \( \frac{1}{(1+e^{-l \times x})} \). Because it occurs everywhere, reader may get wrong idea of sigmoid function.

  3. Feb 2021
    1. You'll have to forgive me the dusty desk, I currently don't have a carpet in my office so it's almost entirely pointless dusting as it's back to this state within 2 days.

      Its easy to see flaws in yourself, but when you point that out, everyone who did not see it so far, can see it too.

    1. ~.polar directory holds all the data, which makes it easy to share among your computers (e.g. via git, or if you keep it on Dropbox and symlink)

      The new releases of polar seem to hold almost everything on the cloud with the subscription model. The free tier is very limited. No documentation available on selfhosting it despite being MIT license.

    1. it seems most common for English speakers to reserve “he,” “she” and “who” for animals with whom we feel a personal connection. Otherwise, “it,” “that” and “which” seem to be the norm.

      So from the "rights" perspective, we tend to give rights only to those we have personal connection?