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  1. Aug 2020
    1. payroll taxes

      What's the difference between payroll tax and individual income tax?

    2. excise taxes

      What are excise taxes?

    1. Significantly, there are multiple other ways populism can manifest outside of traditional politics, with the most promising being in the realm of open source, decentralized technologies that don’t ask permission and can change the world via their very existence.

      This is the right stuff

    2. disconnected elitism

      This idea worth additional exploration

    1. Victor Hugo

      Who's Victor Hugo?

    2. So where is the marginal buyer?

      What's meant by "marginal buyer"?

    3. government used gimmicks to get them involved and through the FHA and tax-credit system encouraged 0% down purchases again

      What are these incentive systems? Are they still in use today? What's the goverment's incentive to get people buying homes?

    4. home ownership rates spiked to a record high according to data released by the U.S. Census

      Where to find this home ownership data? How to see segmented by age groups?

    5. I believe residential real estate in the United States generally will remain depressed for a long time.

      How has this played out since 2010?

    1. then later when the money’s purchasing power is clearly decimated there will be the push for outright debt repudiation as the social winds blow the politicians in that direction

      What specifically is meant by "debt repudiation" and are we seeing this play out today?

    2. As George Gurdjieff claimed, people cannot perceive reality in their current state because they do not possess consciousness but rather live in a state of a hypnotic “waking sleep”. “Man lives his life in sleep, and in sleep he dies.”

      Who is George Gurdijeff?

    3. continue to believe commodity price spikes will be the major symptom.

      How is this playing out today?

    4. The DXY is the dollar versus the euro (57.6% of the index), the yen (13.6%), the pound (11.9%), the Canadian dollar (9.1%), the Swedish Kroner (4.2%) and the Swiss Franc (3.6%). 

      Has this been adjusted at all since 2011?

    5. this index had becoming increasingly useless because it really only measured the dollar versus a basket of other terminally ill OECD nations and that it wasn’t very important to the macro picture as relates to commodities because the biggest adjustment that needs to occur is a major devaluation of the OECD currencies to the currencies of emerging Asia and the commodity nations

      How useful is the DXY as an indicator today?

    1. The policy of denial will only lead to global hyper-inflation.

      Why might this imbalanced currency peg lead to hyperinflation?

    2. yuan free-float

      How did this system work in 2011? What has changed in the years since? Are things still pegged? And if so, at what relative to 2011?

  2. Jul 2020
    1. Bitcoin

      The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of the second bailout for banks