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  1. Jun 2022
    1. the reason the string KXTNJQXTARWOYE is less memorable than the string IBMCIANBCDARPA is that it cannot be broken into known strings.

      I think this is why constraint around input/capture is necessary for any kind of memory tool. For an idea or thought to be memorable, it needs to be sufficiently chunked.

  2. May 2022
    1. The true value of books emerged from the community they made possible, an intellectual community that is still alive all over the world.

      The greatest potential exists within objects – broadly defined – that enable people to communicate/collaborate?

  3. Nov 2021
    1. Gwern Branwen’s webpages are truly interlinked. Each page is a (often very sophisticated) narrative interface to a large chunk of the rest of the site.

      "interface to a large chunk of the rest of the site." <-- I like this framing. This language feels descriptive of the experiences I have "traversing" Wikipedia "laterally" through its wikilnks.

      This also resonates with the experiences I've had exploring/discovering dApps and projects through rainbow.me

  4. Oct 2021
    1. he called for the very next year in 1963 was an intergalactic network.

      proposals can have a big impact.

  5. Jul 2021
  6. May 2021
    1. A final but crucial pillar of Bitcoin's brand is its protocol characteristics

      A generative system whose rules remain relatively stable while producing ever-changing complexity.

    2. These narratives often conflict with one another, but each contributes to Bitcoin's overall brand presence

      This description reminds me of how we tend to experience people: prismatic, contradictory, etc.

  7. Apr 2021
    1. f a mechanism has fifty parameters that interact in complicated ways, then it’s likely that for any desired outcome you can find parameters that will achieve that outcome. But if a mechanism has only one or two parameters, this is much more difficult. You can create privilege for very broad groups (“demagogues”, “the rich”, etc) but you cannot target a narrow group of people, and your ability to target specific outcomes goes down further with time, as there is more and more of a “veil of ignorance” between you at time A that is creating the mechanism and your beneficiaries at time B and the specific situation they will be in that might let them disproportionately benefit from the mechanism.

      What does this mean for the proliferation of policy at en.wiki and the Wikimedia Foundation's efforts to make participation in Wikipedia more equitable and inclusive?

    1. Civilization advances by extending the number of important functions squads can perform without thinking.

      Reminds me of Hayek's, "Civilizations advance by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking about them."

  8. Feb 2021
    1. Ithkuil requires a speaker to home in on the exact idea he means to express, and attempts to remove any possibility for vagueness.

      I wonder: could the construction of a language impact how much its speakers depend on each other to elucidate a thought/feeling/idea/etc.?

  9. Jul 2020
    1. Because people are friends, because they usually share the same values and orientations, because they talk to each other socially and consult with each other when common decisions have to be made, the people involved in these networks have more power in the group than those who don't.

      I thought Freeman was going to say something like: Once trust is built through talking about/making common decisions, more consequential ones start being made through informal channels.

    2. These friendship groups function as networks of communication outside any regular channels for such communication that may have been set up by a group.

      Friendships creates communication flows outside of regular/formal group paths.

    3. We cannot decide whether to have a structured or structureless group, only whether or not to have a formally structured one.

      Is Freeman saying "structure" / "structurelessness" is in the mind of the observer? Thought: when people get together structure will emerge and it's a question of how legible that structure is to others.

    1. In other words, a person identifies himself with them

      "Opinion" is in closer proximity to the "self" than something like an "assumption" which – to me – feels external to the self and perhaps more easily investigated, disproven, iterated upon, etc.

    2. An opinion is an assumption.

      When, why and how did opinions come to be called "opinions"?

  10. Jun 2020
    1. The significance for agathonic design is that autopoietic (living) systems perceive interactions, and store a representation of the historical interaction event. Agathonic (non-living) systems store the actual history of the interaction event within the design object. The objects do not require a nervous system, a brain, or a computer, and they are not subject to potential impreciseness of bias or loss of memory.

      Does this suggest people are more likely to become more attached to agathonic objects than non-agathonic objects? Thinking: agathonic objects know us better.

  11. Apr 2020
    1. Politics, on the other hand, is a sort of sub-atomic or non-Euclidean word where it is quite easy for the part to be greater than the whole or for two objects to be in the same place simultaneously. Hence the contradictions and absurdities I have chronicled above, all finally traceable to a secret belief that one's political opinions, unlike the weekly budget, will not have to be tested against solid reality

      What does Orwell mean by "politics"? Is he referring to governance and the ideas around it? Is he referring to the broader category of any ideology?

  12. Nov 2019
    1. ...problem is combining WYSIWIG with Markdown: that can't ever work well, you need a small toggle to let users choose toggle/choose between WYSIWIG (default) and Markdown, and have it remember the last setting the user used.Best for new users and advanced ones.If you have BOTH in one editor it's like you've built some kind of Vim-like UI that randomly jumps between modes, it will confuse the shit out of everybody all the time!
    1. Please change "Adrianna Salvatierra" as acting president to "Jeanine Áñez". I don't understand why this keeps getting reverted. Coming from a Bolivian user myself who literally just made an account to edit this - Adrianna Salvatierra resigned on November 10th, thus discluding her from the presidential line of succession. Since the vice-president, president of the Senate (Salvatierra), and the first vice-president of the Senate have resigned too, Jean Áñez (the second vice-president the Senate of Bolivia) is next in line. SpicyCheese (talk) 8:12 am, Yesterday (UTC−8) ^ Bolivia Sets Date For Referendum On Evo Morales Re-election Telesurv, 15 October 2015
  13. Sep 2019
    1. In 2007, Wikipedia introduced three templates to reduce the proliferation of templates at the top of article talk pages: {{WikiProjectBannerShell}}, {{WikiProjectBanners}}, and {{ArticleHistory}}. If you come across a talk page where you can't see the table of contents until you scroll down, adding one of these templates might help. If one or more of these templates are already in place, consider putting {{skiptotoctalk}} at the very top of the page, before any other templates. This template provides a quick link for other editors to bypass the templates.
  14. Oct 2018
    1. Brand–name Internet companies belong to the first type of communities, mainly involved in the provision of information services and resources. They are not specialized in the production of collective goods and the interaction of their members is not their principal concern

      Where do today's large-scale social networks fit? Services like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, "...specialized in the...interaction of their members..." but not for the purpose of facilitating the production of any greater public or club good.

  15. Sep 2018
    1. Dat URLs are similar to web URLs but with an important difference. Web URLs typically point to a server, which can go offline or disappear. Dat URLs point to a piece of content, regardless of where it is hosted