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  1. Apr 2019
    1. fic writing can be

      this could be a tool that would encourage studetns to write in the classrooom

    2. software

      allows to edit images

    3. another

      always changing and devlopeing new ideas

  2. Mar 2019
    1. with a wider audience by posting on

      can branch beyond the classroom and have their voices go father on the internet

    2. generate their own questions

      generating their own questions will allow students to go deeper and be more precise with their time spet on the internet

    3. strategies: predicting, questioning, clarifying, and summarizin

      internet reciprocal teaching

    4. Deliberately teaching online reading and research skills is one way to keep students from foundering on their way to the future.

      students need to master the skills of using the internet and it will help the later on in life

  3. Feb 2019
    1. Examining and understanding the consequences of sharing data online

      need to undersatnd the problems that can go along with over sharing content online and how sometimes it may end up in the wrong hands and become unsafe

    2. nowing how to read, write, and participate in the digital world has become the 4th basic foundational skill

      why we need to learn how to navigate the internet in school

    3. we need to provide people with open access to the skills and know-how needed to use the web to improve their lives, careers, and organizations.

      Young people need to be taught the proper skills involved in navigating the internet because it will be more beneficial in the long run for those students

    4. Being audience and culturally aware, resolving conflict appropriately, using technology tools effectively, and taking responsibility for personal and group productivity.

      Students are taught to show respect in the classroom and they should also be taught to show others respect while they are online. It is very important ta students know to be careful of what they put online and that it is appropriate.

    5. Managing and maintaining the privacy and security of your digital identity through behaviors and digital tool settings

      Important for students to understand what they put online is public. Students should be taught how to properly manage their privacy

    6. Understanding the basic structure of the web

      Students should be taught at a young age the correct way to browse the web and the basic idea

    7. hey can evaluate web content, and identify what is useful and trustworthy.

      Useful tool that all students should learn to make sure they are finding good content to back their writing up

    8. he web as an open and public resource

      the web is public so need to be aware of what you post online

    9. important to make sure reach all audiences

  4. Jan 2019
    1. ISTE student standards are: Empowered learner Digital citizen Knowledge constructor Innovative designer Computational thinker Creative communicator Global collaborator