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  1. Oct 2022
    1. shifting from feeling as if there are no options to actively brainstorming and executing ideas takes practice

      This is where I come in. To help brainstorm creative solutions.

  2. Dec 2021
    1. That being said, often rental properties don’t generate significant amounts of net income after deducting mortgage interest and other expenses including property tax, insurance and repairs.

      Does that mean you don't pay much taxes at least while you're paying mortgage on the property? Maybe but remember that you can only claim the mortgage interest not the mortgage principal.

    2. Much of the taxes paid are refundable and can be recovered if you pay yourself a dividend, which must then be declared on your personal taxes.

      Look into how this works

    1. A corporation whose principal purpose is to derive income from property is usually considered a specified investment business, and is not eligible for the small business deduction.

      What happens in my case? Would the principal purpose be categorized as mentorship or investment.

    1. Corporations generally pay tax at about 50% on net rental income, and at about 25% on a rental property capital gain (rates differ by province). This is similar to what a top-rate taxpayer might pay if they owned the same property personally. Therefore, many people would pay less tax to own a rental property personally instead of corporately, and could also avoid the cost and complexity of the corporate structure.

      If that's true then it makes no sense to run a rental business through your corporation.

  3. Oct 2018
    1. validate

      The term test set is mentioned throughout the article which is essentially the validation set as we're using the "test" (validation) set to tune the complexity of the model which is essentially tuning the model hyperparameters. In other words searching for the best model within our hypothesis space.