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  1. Oct 2015
    1. El ejemplo de los colombiano

      An older but interesting opinion piece written by Rajoy the president of Spain. Seems to be an attempt to raise support among Colombian voters by praising Colombian politicians and cultural figures

    1. Somos los hispanos de Europa

      This opinion piece written under the name of Rajoy, Spain's president, is recognizing the important role of Latin Americans in Spanish society and the importance of the spanish speaking world in general. The most intersting quote of the article is "Yo creo en América Latina y en los latinoamericanos, independientemente de los ciclos económicos, porque el gran activo de nuestra política exterior son las personas".

  2. Sep 2015
    1. Podemos struggles to rebuff Venezuela link

      This is an article from last March about Podemos, an emerging political party in Spain, and its often considered dubious connections with the Venezuelan government. The idea of European intellectuals and academics being contracted by leftist Latin American governments for consultancy work is interesting.

    1. This is a really interesting article about many Latin American intellectuals' opinions on the possibility of Catalonian independence from Spain. Many are urging Cataluña to stay a part of Spain because Barcelona has historically been a city that Latin American intellectuals have lived and worked in and they don't want to lose those cultural ties if Cataluña severs its ties with Spain thus abandoning castellano. The other portion of this article that stood out for me was the quote by Abad which argued that Europe has been doing the right thing by not yielding to every nationalistgroup because that only leads to violence and probelems (I assume he's referring to the case of Latin America here).

    1. The “other embassy” for Venezuelans in Madrid

      This article discusses the recent wave of immigrants from Venezuela to Spain. Some interesting points are that Venezuelans do not need tourist visas to visit Spain and the paragraph on the emerging political party Podemos and its connections to the Venezuelan government.