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  1. Dec 2017
    1. heories and hypotheses always have this if-then relationship

      helpful for forming a hypothesis for an experiment/paper

    2. Replication means conducting a study again—either exactly as it was originally conducted or with modifications—to be sure that it produces the same results. Individual researchers usually replicate their own studies before publishing them. Many empirical research reports include an initial study and then one or more follow-up studies that replicate the initial study with minor modifications. Particularly interesting results come to the attention of other researchers who conduct their own replication

      Useful, helpful, and necessary

  2. Oct 2017
    1. multiple dependent variables are different measures of the same construct—especially if they are measured on the same scale—researchers have the option of combining them into a single measure of that construc

      Confusing, should be worded more clearly.

    2. —an additional measure of that independent variable is often included as a manipulation check. This is done to confirm that the independent variable was, in fact, successfully manipulated.

      Good example of a manipulation check. Another good example of a manipulation check is in our experiment when the brush font ensured reading difficulty.

    3. was also curious about how they affected people’s moods and perceived health—and it was a simple enough matter to measure these dependent variables too.

      Great example. This is an interesting choice because people most likely associate a pleasant smell with a positive mood.