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  1. May 2017
  2. Jun 2016
    1. returns through which scholarship justifies its place in society.

      for the greater good.

    2. demanded a public staking out of position

      isn't this what being a part of a network demands? price of admission?

    3. public consequences of academic Twitter

      intimidating to join communities and networks & to speak views openly.

    4. what is the price for being a scholar-activist in the public sphere? Sometimes the price seems high...

  3. Apr 2016
    1. Are we allowed to change our minds on a subject if previous social media posts display a view we had in the past and how will we be judged?

    2. unfollow rather than mute or hide.

      The selfishness of hiding or muting people from social media to spare hurt feelings?

  4. Sep 2015
  5. Aug 2015
    1. We are real to any extent or to no extent in both contexts.

      Is it real to only post the 'triumphs' in our lives? Do followers then feel our lives are perfect?

    2. Is it real to only post stories of 'triumphs' in our lives? What effect does this have on our followers--that our lives are perfect?

    3. managing a public-private self on social media sites as you are growing and, yes, perhaps changing presents  a unique set of challenges

      How to do this that give you cred in your networks but doesn't confine you to the narrow interests of the group?

    4. The conundrum of social media; limited time, unlimited interests, and now managing online relationships...