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  1. Dec 2017
    1. Districts of such extent as that every parent should be within a days journey of his son at school, would be desirable in cases of sickness, and convenient for supplying their Ordinary wants and might be made to lessen sensibly the expense of this part of their education.

      I find this sentence really interesting considering that UVA is a state school that still holds about a third of out of state students. This represents how much Universities from now until then have really grown and expanded, especially large state schools like UVA. Even though I am an in-state student, I know a lot of my out-of-state friends chose to come to UVA for it's integrating community, beautiful grounds, amazing education, and simply a fresh start in a new place. Nowadays, their home is a plane ride away. When the University was being established, the range of people t was open to was not only a social and racial issue. We can see from this sentence that it was also a technological issue, considering that it took exceeding amounts of time to even come from farther cities in Virginia. With cars and planes, we have made it possible for the University to be open to new perspectives such as people from different states.

  2. Nov 2017
    1. To give to every citizen the information he needs for the transaction of his own business.

      I find this sentence very broad, but I assume that "by transaction of his own business," Jefferson means that he hopes the university will prepare students to enter the workforce for whatever occupation they desire. I find this interesting because I recently read an article from the New York Times about how students from universities are not being taught skills that are conducive for workplace readiness. While a student might have extensive knowledge on the topics they studied in college, they may not be prepared for the skills needed for their specific job after college. The article discusses a study done from 169 different colleges and universities on 32,000 students. The study concluded that 40 percent of college graduates did not have the complex reasoning skills for their jobs, such as multitasking or the ability to work well with others. To me, this sentence says that Jefferson saw higher education not only as an opportunity to expand one's knowledge, but also to prepare students for the world they were about to be in: the workplace. And it is ironic that today, universities are not producing students who have the information needed for "their own business."


  3. Oct 2017
    1. enlarge their minds cultivate their morals

      The report consistently gives reference and importance to the student's morals. I think that this is ironic because the morals of the university have changed so much since the commencement of the university. It was acceptable in 1819 to consider slaves as property, not people. This was something that did not exist on student's moral compass until about 1953, when the first black student stepped on grounds. And even then, students and faculty pushed Mr. Gregory Swanson (the first black student at uva) to leave because of all the ridicule he dealt with. So, was the university truly built on morals if we could not accept all? Morals of the university have thankfully changed over time.

    2. Dormitories, sufficient each for the accommodation of two students only, this provision being deemed advantageous to morals, to order, & to uninterrupted study

      I think it is interesting that the lawn rooms at the commencement of the university were "deemed advantageous to morals, to order, and to uninterrupted study." Now, the lawn rooms not only represent these aspects of the University, but they also represent the students at UVA that participate in so much more than studying. Yes, the lawn rooms are reserved for some of the smartest students here, but they are also for students who are the most involved and influential in their extracurricular activities. I think that this aspect of living in a lawn room has changed a lot, especially since there are more dorm spaces than just the lawn rooms.

  4. Sep 2017
    1. To harmonize & promote the interests of agriculture

      This quote is significant because it highlights the importance of agriculture at the time period. Jefferson believed that the United States should be a group of small farmers and not a place that centered around urban planning and development. It was a very agrarian-centered society. This contrasts to the University's ideals today because there is not a huge press on an agricultural program. The word we picked is culture because it involves the people of Virginia's priorities at the time: farming.