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  1. Apr 2016
    1. f our educational village does not address these issues, the digital culture establishes its own direction, potentially pushing a productive, long-term solution further out of reach.

      I think it's very important that boundaries must be set and it should be a requirement to address certain issues so that we can prevent further coming issues.

    2. Vicki Davis, co-founder of Digiteen.org states, “digital citizenship has just come on the radar and it changes rapidly” (personal communication, July 19, 2010). Davis further denotes that digital citizenship will have to be less of an educational program and more of a social action, a student centered approach that becomes part of what students believe (personal communication). In reference to the negative events associated with the K-12 digital usage, Davis states, “this is an opportunity to empower a new generation of students who will stand up and speak out when they see these things happening” (personal communication).
    3. Digital citizenship encompasses a wide range of behaviors with varying degrees of risk and possible negative consequences.

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    4. “the Internet’s potential for learning may be curtailed if youth lack key skills for navigating it, if they consistently engage with Internet resources in a shallow fashion, and/or if they limit their explorations to a narrow band of things they believe are worth knowing. Left to their own devices and without sufficient scaffolding, student investigations may turn out to be thoughtful and meaningful –or frustrating and fruitless” (p. 10). The growing level of Internet access and student use, both in and out of school, raises the question, ‘Who will own this challenge of guiding students toward a productive and safe technological society?’.

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    1. Accommodate students’ needs by blending skill-based and content-based learning

      This is very important practice that all teachers should be doing. The kids should be getting both, skill based and content based learning.

    2. • Enrich or extend the essential curriculum

      I'm actually very glad to see how it talks about enriching and extending the curriculum... Sometimes I see teachers only doing as much as it is required, even if it doesn't make sense to the students.