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  1. Jan 2020
    1. and the whole world knows our president is a habitual liar.

      An exaggeration, but it is pulled off well, and manages to sound convincing and professional still.

    2. For more …

      I think this is just additional things, and the article ends above. Regardless, the info below does hold merit. Will check to see if this is a trend in the columnists articles.

    3. Tim Dickinson in Rolling Stone, on Vice President Mike Pence’s claim that Suleimani supported the 9/11 hijackers: “The administration has provided no evidence that Suleimani

      To add onto the previous annotation: it seems his style is responding and adding to commentary made by other's. He quotes other people words, and either adds commentary of his own, or leaves the quotes as citations to add to his argument. Maybe that is just this article, because it is my first by him.

    4. Plus, as Slate’s Joshua Keating writes:

      This is the third quote in just the first few paragraphs. He uses other people's words effectively to form his claims

    5. But President Trump has no credibility.

      He is unafraid in his writing. I can tell just how passionate and well-informed he is simply from the tone of this article so far.

    6. A president with credibility

      Repetition used to emphasize a point he is trying to make. He clearly enjoys using rhetorical strategies in his writing, instead of taking a straight-forward, completely formal voice.