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  1. Oct 2019
    1. Choose books that are tribally specific.

      Teachers can connect the books to their own specific state or residence. This would allow for strong connections to be made amongst students, and even amongst the community.

    2. When teachers use Thanksgiving as the vehicle for their instruction about Native peoples, they are inadvertently locat-ing Native lives in the past

      Although not commonly thought, this statement is true. Rather than living in the past, teachers should be using activities that surround Thanksgiving as a way to reteach about Native peoples.

    3. The idea is that the quality of a story is improved when the person creating that story is an insider who knows what to share and how to share it with outsiders

      This is important.

    4. Teachers can make choices that do justice to Native stories by choosing books written by Native writers.

      Identifies a solution to the issue at hand.

    5. privileges

      Privellege v.s. Oppression

      Sterotypes such as this are harmful when reinforced in the context of literature.

    6. critical literacies perspective gives voice to how sto-ries are presented

      Allows for those who are directly impacted to have voice, and speak upon their own experiences from a first person perspective.

    7. Whose story is this? Who benefits from this story? Whose voices are not being heard?

      Crtical questions that aid in overall students understanding of Indigenous People.

      I found the question "whose voices are not being heard" to be the most impactful. It allows students to read beyond the text and realy assess where the root of the issue lies.

    8. rethink literature used to teach children about Indigenous peoples

      Issue being addressed throughout the article. Importance placed upon teaching students/children about Indigenous people.

    9. Teachers are critical in categorizing, selecting, and (re)presenting Indigenous communities through children’s literature

      Teacher's are given the opportunity to select literature for their students. It is expected for the literarture to be well-versed and fairly represent Indigenous communities. Societies greatest downfall is in the fact that we are not knowledgable on communities that differ from our own.

    10. unlearning

      I think the act of "unlearning" is an important takeaway. Although sterotypes are common in today's society, that does not justify them being used.

    11. being specific helps non- Native people learn that we are far more diverse

      Helps bridge the gap in societies current misunderstanding regarding Native people and tribal nations.