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  1. Jun 2020
  2. Dec 2019
    1. True writing

      As Dan notes, the subject "true writing" deserves its own page, but I get the sense that the WP author who put italics around this term should really have just put them around the word writing instead because I think that is all they really meant. What I mean (and I think what Dan means too) is instead perhaps better named "contextualized, disambiguated writing", though Dan should correct me on what his sense is.

    1. Foundations of an Alternative Approach to Reification in RDF

      This paper appears to be the source of the RDF* specification. Note that v1 of this paper is from 2014

    2. 3 RDF⋆– A Metadata Extension of RDFThis section introduces an extension of the RDF data model [CWL+14] that makes metadata state-ments a first class citizen. Hereafter, the extended data model is referred to as RDF⋆

      This appears to be where "RDF*" is being defined.

    1. synset A synonym set; a set of words that are interchangeable in some context without changing the truth value of the preposition in which they are embedded.

      This seems like the definitive source of the term synset. There must be an unambiguous URI for the notion, no?