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  1. Apr 2019
    1. Learn About the Case Learn About the Book Learn About the Context

      These buttons along the bottom are a good manner of alternative navigation, directing readers toward what is most important.

    2. incident

      The use of "incident" to describe your case urks me here. I am not 100% sure why. Perhaps it feels like downplaying and obfuscating?

    3. Glass by Ellen

      I absolutely love this top banner. It is gorgeous, and the subtitle is a nice reference to the topic of the website. That may be my own bias toward purple, black, and grey, however.

    1. Baylee’s blog

      You know, I never did actually find a bibliography or works cited. Tragic.

    2. A Burning Idea

      This works perfectly well for its purposes. I will say, it never occurred to me to link course blogs, for whatever reason. Well done!

    1. About Us

      I have no complaints this page, as it is perfectly functional. However, I will posit that Lauren and my site having pictures of our pets instead of ourselves was way cuter, so there!

    1. content their children read

      That is certainly true, but tell me why. Making the claim without elaboration (or at least a supporting citation) makes it disconcerting.

    2. In fact, censorship challenges are not very common in Norman, and this particular one was most likely brought on by the promotion of Hopkin’s books by the library before her visit. We believe that the parent might not have challenged it at all, without it being brought to their attention.

      The key word here is "challenges," not censorship in general. It is really important to at least make note of how books that were going to be objected to were definitely going to be objected to were unlikely to be purchased in the first place, or at least acknowledge the possibility.

    3. It is important to remember that while the reconsideration committee ultimately ruled in favor of Glass, the Whittier parent’s attempt at censorship was still successful in that Ellen Hopkins’s visit to the school was canceled. Because of faulty administrative action, the opinions of one parent were allowed to dictate the experience of Whittier’s entire student body.

      Be careful of downplaying the significance and danger of the book having even been challenged and temporarily removed at all, just because Hopkins' visit is more exciting.

    4. If it is true, as Belinda Louie suggests, that parents object to texts with undesirable worldviews, it is also, thankfully, the recognized importance of those worldviews that can save a text from censorship.

      Incomprehensible screech.

    5. Significance

      This page being at least three times the length of the other primarily text ones is kind of weird and overwhelming.

    1. Primary Sources

      Once again, an intro here would be appreciated. Maybe speak on how you got these documents and interviews?

    1. City’s Channel 9 News on September 22, 2009. “My Two Cents” is a weekly segment where Ogle voices his (usually conservative) opinions on local and state issues. While we were unable to locate any footage of the segment, the accounts of it provided by Karin Perry in True Stories of Censorship Battles in America’s Libraries and Ellen Hopkins’s own blog posts suggest that Ogle agreed with the decision to remove Hopkin’s books from the library and cancel her visit. The newscaster apparently admitted to

      I quite like this paragraph. It seems well-written.

    2. utlet.

      I like the below clipping, but I also cannot read any of the text save the headline, which is rather an irritance.

    3. footage online.

      Sigh... Citations...

    1. re about the

      'Tis a hopeless want Seeking to see reference Or one citation

      -Jacob Rogers

      Enjoy my pretty lacklustre haiku?

    2. The topic was heavily covered on the local news


    3. Canceling her visit was censorship, even though the committee ultimately decided to not take the book out of the library.

      Attempting to remove a book and failing is attempted censorship and a legitimate topic for this course, regardless...

    4. The Case

      Okay, the fact that this one leads to an actual page instead of just a blank with links is greatly confusing to me. At this point I would not have even clicked on the appropriate link here were I not reviewing your site, as I had just assumed it would be another nothing page.

    1. mographi

      You get my point about citations at this point, right? I feel kind of bad for annoying you with it constantly, to be honest.

    2. ate ca

      All the graphs and images here are very nice and informative, as well as aesthetically appealing. I especially enjoy how you managed to have your graphs and charts use the same colour scheme as your website.

    1. arin Perry, a

      The big pages being inserted in do annoy me somewhat in that they make this page far longer than the others I have been on so far, but I suppose that is justified.

    2. second time.

      Maybe divide up this paragraph? It's a tad blocky.

    1. her post about the Norman dispute

      This is a very good think to have linked to, though perhaps it would be worth making the value of clicking here even more obvious.

    2. literally saving their lives.”

      Aaaaaaaaah citations aaaaaaaaaaah. Okay, moving on.

    1. About

      Again, just a few sentences describing this section would be good. Though, thinking on it, the clickable navigation boxes also make navigation feasible on mobile devices. Well done!

    1. often.”

      So, are your citations all hiding on some page I have yet to find or something? I mean, you would still need to mark down when you were directly quoting or paraphrasing something, but still. I should probably stop going on about citations, but this is very much plagiarism without them.

    2. smut

      I know what it is, but you're still going to want to explain what smut is. If your readers have to infer from your use of "pornographic material" later, that is not a good sign.

    3. Recent Censorship

      It would likely be worth including a sentence or two here about how the pre-censorship of content prevents later challenges.

    1. Censorship of YA Literature

      My urge is to complain about this entire section for being too short and not particularly in depth, though I suppose too long a page is also a negative. The writing here simply seems incomplete. Why both claiming a history of the genre when it consists of three sentences?

    2. ves of their childr

      You literally quoted one of our readings! Why is there no citation!?

    1. cautionary, not titillatin

      Okay, how does this article have no citations other than the images? I find it difficult to believe nothing else was looked at.

    2. Discussions of sexuality are among the most frequently challenged throughout all of literary history, often more heavily censored than explicit violence, at least in Western literature and media.

      Take care with your generalization here. You are focusing on an American case, so perhaps narrow your claims there. Modern France, for instance, censors violence in cinema rather heavily but has few qualms with sexuality.

    3. congruous

      It seems somewhat hypocritical for me of all people to comment on this, but I would advise caution in using language that increases the entry barrier to engaging with your content.l

    1. Historical Context

      A short introduction to this section, even just a couple of sentences, would be greatly appreciated. It does not need much, but having nothing seems problematic.