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  1. Aug 2021
    1. ention. A pretty but irrelevant


    2. What is the benefit of using it? It’s free.

      The value proposition for WordPress is cost. It's free, which provides great value to customers.

    3. the biggest benefit they’ll give you

      Quick definition of value proposition. Easy to understand terminology.

  2. Apr 2021
    1. By engaging the store owners as teachers, the McDermotts were able to build a network of expert mentors who wanted to see the neophytes win.

      Learn about the system and then go for it.

    2. The McDermott sisters took advantage of their inexperience to learn all they could.

      I think this example is about the celebrity of the sisters

    3. .

      Cool way to ask for help!

    4. They consciously exploit the power differential between pitcher and catcher by asking directly and boldly for help—not in a desperate way, but with the confidence of a brilliant favorite, a talented student seeking sage advice from a beloved mentor.

      Mentorship is flattering

    5. Neophytes score points for daring to do the impossible, something catchers see as refreshing.

      Taking a big chance!

    6. When it was Alan’s turn, he dumped four boxes of prototype cereal onto the mahogany conference table, to the stunned silence of the executives. Ignoring protocol, he began constructing an elaborate fort, all the while talking furiously about the qualities of the corn flour that kept the pieces and the structure together. Finally, he challenged the executives to see who could build the tallest tower. The executives so enjoyed the demonstration that they green-lighted Alan’s project.

      Took a risk that worked!

    7. He then proceeded to lead his catchers through an exciting, detailed narrative of his film, as a master storyteller would. At the end, the executives sat back, smiling, and told the writer they’d like to go ahead with his idea.

      Passionately telling the story of the idea

    8. He wore black leather pants and a torn T-shirt, several earrings in each ear, and a tattoo on his slender arm.

      The look

    9. Artists are particularly adept at conducting what physicists call “thought experiments,” inviting the audience into imaginary worlds.

      Picture it: Sicily 1922

    10. improvise, a quality that allows them to adapt if a pitch begins to go awry

      Think on your feet

    11. Catcher: I love it!

      Connected to the Catcher's childhood

    12. Showrunners tend to display charisma and wit in pitching, say, new design concepts to marketing, but they also demonstrate enough technical know-how to convince catchers that the ideas can be developed according to industry-standard practices and within resource constraints.

      Showrunners defined

    13. catchers to judge them as likable collaborators

      From judge to collaborator

    14. To avoid fast elimination, successful pitchers—only 25% of those I have observed—turn the tables on the catchers by enrolling them in the creative process

      How do you do that?

    15. Harry Potter’s Sorting Hat

      Called it

    16. When a person we don’t know pitches an idea to us, we search for visual and verbal matches with those implicit models, remembering only the characteristics that identify the pitcher as one type or another.

      Trying to make connections to strangers

    17. person prototypes

      Moving away from the strereotypes

    18. The Sorting Hat

      Harry Potter?!?!?!

    19. Showrunners come off as professionals who combine creative inspiration with production know-how. Artists appear to be quirky and unpolished and to prefer the world of creative ideas to quotidian reality. Neophytes tend to be—or act as if they were—young, inexperienced, and naive.

      The three classifications, succinctly explained

    20. showrunner, the artist, and the neophyte

      Three categories

    21. they are participating in an idea’s development.

      Participation is key! How to include the audiene.

    22. creativity

      What is creativity?

    23. In those environments, the results were remarkably similar to what I had seen in the movie business.

      Adds validity when thinking across contexts, big projects to smaller ventures

    24. I was able to discern just how quickly assessments of creative potential are made in these high-stakes exchanges.

      Research base

    25. they stereotype us

      I'm not sure I would agree with "stereotype" as much as I would say they chunk or categorize us. Like "sports cars" is category of automobiles as well as "trucks"

    26. pitcher’s creativity as well as the proposal itself

      The pitch and the idea

    27. seller’s traits

      The importance of the pitch is as important as the idea

    28. selling them to strangers is hard

      Point of sale is where the idea gets actualized

  3. Mar 2021
    1. communication such

      communication - graphics, pictures... - to enhance, illustrate, ...

    2. embedded


    3. The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

      Somewhere else, it stated 6th edition. I think changing them all to the current APA manual is probably the best move, that way, we will not update the website when APA is updated.

    4. 30 pages in length

      somewhere else, it listed 12,000 words

    5. This section is typically by invitation only, however nominations of an individual who has demonstrated leadership in the field of online learning will be considered.

      maybe make this a paranthetical

    6. ation only, however

      only; however, nominations...

    7. conceptual work

      and conceptual works...

    8. Topics may include, but are not limited to: innovative learning and teaching practices, instructional design, and the use of technology and multimedia resources. Articles on online pedagogy, as well as examples of "mixed" online and conventional teaching are also welcome.

      I feel like these should be included in the bulleted list, not in the paragraph.

    9. of


    10. on the part of


    11. but not limited to

      and example topics include:

    12. Suggested topics

      Make a subheading

    13. We hope to become a forum

      Our goal is to be the leading forum...

    14. threatens

      Again, is there another word that could b used here?

    15. patterns

      patterns is used twice here. Could themes be used?

    16. face to fac


    17. with


    18. an alternative


    19. Our multiple delivery platforms represent collective vision and model present day innovation.

      I'm not quite sure I understand this sentence. Is it needed?

    1. but not limited to

      but not limited to,

    2. 8-24 months.

      This is quite the range. Should we revisit that?

    3. two to four


    4. with variables such as time of the year, reviewers’ workloads and availability,

      with variables such as time of the year along with the reviewers’ workloads and availability,

    5. and reviewers’ second review if a second review is needed.  

      the word "review" is used three times. Consider revisigin.

    6. If a revise and resubmit - decision

      If a revise-and-resubmit decision is made...

    7. peer review


    8. Journal of Online Learning Research and Practice follows a rigorous double-blind peer review process where both reviewers’ and authors’ anonymity is preserved to ensure objectively that the journal publishes only the best quality pieces about research, theory, and practice.

      Journal of Online Learning Research and Practice follows a rigorous, double-blind, peer-review process where the anonymity of both the reviewers and authors is preserved to ensure that the journal publishes the highest quality pieces about research, theory, and practice.

    9. gures

      coma after figures

    10. 6th

      7th edition

    11. JournalofOnlineLearningResearchandPractice@APUS.EDU <!-- document.write('<span style=\'display: none;\'>'); //--> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. <!-- document.write('</'); document.write('span>'); //-->  

      Update email?

    12. ,

      this coma is not needed

    13. o:

      Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following:

    14. ,

      articles, and theoretical pieces

      Also, not quite sure what survey articles are. Could we change that to empirical or something similar? Data-based...

    15. of


    16. is


    17. an online environment

      online environments across institutional, program, and course-level contexts. I'm not sure that is it, but I do think this sentence needs some tinkering. The back slashes and comas are a bit confusing in the same sentence.

    1. We hope to

      The Journal's goal is to become the leading forum for discussing current strategies for leveraging technology for teaching and learning in online spaces while attending to the larger issues of data collection, assessment, and the deployment of tools for online learning.

    2. threatens to change

      changes how... (I don't really like threaten because it has a negative connotation)

    3. patterns

      Patterns is used twice in this sentence. Consider using another word. Would themes work?

    4. For the first time

      We can now view classroom data...

    5. now offered

      resulted in

    6. face to face


    7. journal, 

      It should be "Welcome to the Journal of Online Learning..."

    1. Formerly Internet Learning Journal

      the banner from the journal edition's first page might look better here

    2. JournalofOnlineLearningResearchandPractice@APUS.EDU

      Should this be updated with our new email?

    3. practical/best


    4. theoretical

      theoretical frameworks

    5. research

      empirical research

    6. classroom

      ...School and professional settings

    7. , from logistics, technology integration,  to teaching to leadership,

      I don't think comas are needed in this sentence

  4. Apr 2020
    1. important middle phase

      I like that ideation is in the middle because it allows us to more deeply understand our problem before jumping to responses to it.

    2. five-step design-thinking process.

      There is a five-step design thinking process, for sure. But, are there iterations with more or fewer steps? What about other models for innovation?

    1. frame your creative challenge

      I totally agree with this step. Making sure we have a deep understanding of the challenge will help ensure a quality use of time.

    2. seven ideation techniques

      Are these the only techniques? There have to be more than seven, right?

    1. pick two broad and unrelated categories

      How do we know if the broad, unrelated categories we pick will work? What if the categories stump us?

    2. A good ideation session is hard work!

      I totally agree. Ideation requires the purposeful thinking about a topic. Though ideation can be playful, it requires a lot of cognitive energy to brainstorm those ideas!

  5. Mar 2020
    1. I don’t know how to handle myself in the company of people that my close friends consider their “enemies.”

      I have been in an awkward situation with my friend's old flame that he still liked when I bumped into her at a party! #awkward

    2. private tete-a-tete

    3. If something extreme or very heinous was done to your friend, you could understand how he/she might feel hurt to think you would befriend the “enemy.”

      I totally agree. I would not be friendly towards someone who hurt one of my close friends.

  6. Dec 2019
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  9. Apr 2017
    1. Potential

      If you are interested in applying, check here!

    2. Programs

      This is where the academic programs are.