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  1. May 2021
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    1. Before apartheid, any black South African who received a formal education was likely taughtby European missionaries,

      Love how he explains the historical context for the uninformed

    2. Being at H. A. Jack made me realize I was black.

      I see the author's habit of making a descriptive conclusion to the chapter to tie it all in on how he's feeling

    3. Because of my color, they thought I was a coloredperson, but speaking the same languages meant that I belonged to their tribe

      ??? I'm confused by this line. Aren't they the same thing??

    4. e were the onlyblack people there, and my mom didn’t separate herself from anyone.

      I love the example the mother sets

    5. I hadcrushes on white girls. I had crushes on black girls.

      thats nice and all but crushes in primary school(eye roll)

    6. became a chameleon

      I love this comparison/metaphor made by the author. It really helps the reader understand how he feels(even though he's doing a great job of it already)

    7. “I thought you were like the otherblacks. You know how they love to steal.”

      The normalization of this makes me sick

    8. “Hoekomvolg jy nie daai swartes sodat jy hulle kan help kry waarna hulle soek nie?” “

      I really like how the author includes the original language, even if I don't understand it. It makes the whole book more authentic

    9. just thought they had their colors mixed up, like they hadn’t learned themproperly.

      I can relate to this lolol

    10. Few people had televisions.

      This makes me realize how we don't appreciate the Internet enough

    11. Ninety-nine point nine percent ofthem were black—and then there was me

      most likely a hyperbole

    12. At that point I didn’t think of the special treatment as having to do with color. Ithought of it as having to do with Trevor.

      It really shows how an upbringing/education can really affect someone. We take whatever we learn in our childhoods without questioning anything. Its both a beautiful and bad thing

    13. My mom was the only force I truly feared.

      Good for the mom

    14. My own family basically did what the Americanjustice system does

      He really went there

    1. o, I mean you have to leave the rez forever.

      the author is doing a really good job of escalating the story at this moment

    2. No, I'm not.""Yes, you are.

      like the repetition that adds humor

    3. I'd broken his nose but he was trying to apologize to me

      Again, the writer uses italics for emphasis.

    4. e were supposed to make you give up beingIndian.

      the author's incorporation of history into the conflict of the plot makes this story so much more important and elevated

    5. That silence got so big and real that it felt like three people sat on the porch

      nice metaphor

    6. Mr. P didn't want me dead, but I don't think he would have minded if I'd beenthe only survivor of a plane that crashed into the Pacific Ocean.

      I love the author choosing to make the narrator so imaginative

    7. contemplating

      the way this word is italicized makes me think it was done on purpose for emphasis

    8. He was a math teacher

      I'd never have thought to find something this inspirational from a math teacher

    9. You have to leave this reservation

      I wonder what time period this story takes place. It feels recent but the word "reservation"makes it feel old

    10. Wejust sit there quietly and watch the games

      I relate to this feeling

    11. I hide the magazines filled with photos ofnaked women; my later hides her tender romance novels that tell stories about naked women

      Love the realism

    12. She wanted to write romance novels

      I love how this pairs with the above picture. This really reminds of Diary of a Wimpy Kid

    13. We were trying to kill Indian culture.

      I love how this went from teenage mood hormonal problems to the problem of native american suppression and mistreatment

    14. like

      despite it being one word, saying "like" just overall makes the story feel more real and the narrator feel more young

    15. It was a trick question. I knew I needed to answer correctly or he'd be mad.

      love this line. Ik the feeling of trying to get on an adult's good side by saying the right things

  3. Apr 2021
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    1. "Pleading Child" was shorter but slower; "Perfectly Contented" was longer butfaster. And after I had played them both a few times, I realized they were two halves of the same song.

      Writer's move: an ingenious way to allude to the theme of the story

    2. Unlike my mother, I did not believe I could be anything I wanted to be, I could only be me.

      clink: this really reminded me of the lesson: you are what you make yourself, and her mother caused her to want to be a "failure"

    3. Alakazam!-her face went blank, her mouth closed

      clunk: I honestly wonder how she felt, but the story never made it clear

    4. like a trainswitching to the right track.

      writer's move: there are many more examples of this, but I love the way the writer makes comparisons

    5. at my mother's blank face

      (writer's move+clink) again, the author goes to the finest detail about how the mom is a tiger mom, but at the same time it pisses me off

    6. we hated each other.

      (writer moves): shows how much she understands kids and is very humorous

    7. He was deaf.

      (Clunk)How did the mom TALK to him and ask him for piano lessons then? This is kind of a huge plot-hole.

    8. because later on I had to learn how to play it.

      (Clink) I find this line so funny.

    9. sauciness

      I don't understand the meaning of this word(Clunk)?

    10. I had new thoughts, willful thoughts - or rather, thoughts filled with lots of won'ts. Iwon't let her change me, I promised myself.

      (Click) I have had this feeling before and would love to add this to my journal.

    11. I was Cinderella stepping from herpumpkin carriage with sparkly cartoon music filling the air.

      (Click) As a child I could relate to this feeling of wanting to grow up and become great

    12. with curly bangs that hung at a slant two inches above my eyebrows

      (Clunk) I have really bad spatial awareness so I can't picture how bad this haircut is in my head

    13. You look like a Negro Chinese,"

      (Click) Her mother isn't necessarily racist, but racism was most likely very normalized at the time of making this.

    1. Your story is what you have,

      a click that could literally be the theme of every autobiography

    2. is it “angry” or “black” or “woman”?

      a sassy click