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    1. In their landmark studies, Flower and Hayes conclude that “novice” writers differ from “good” writers in the way novice writers fail to construct a problem in the same ways as expert writers. Novice writers tend to repeatedly read a prompt in hopes of finding some kind of direction for the writing situation. Meanwhile, “good” writers use the writing prompt as a way to articulate and define their own understanding of the rhetorical situation to which they are responding.

      Novice vs Expert Writers approaches to Prompts.

    2. s this foregrounding of problem-posing.




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    1. Six to eight hours of at-a-stretch sunlight coming from your south facing window, is optimum for your potted plant provided there is enough ventilation in the area as well. Moderate heat is what roses require in order to thrive beautifully.

      If you want your flowers to grow up nice you are going to have to go ask somebody that know a lot about flowers. This matters to people because they don't want a bad job on working on something they really like something. This connect to my life because when I was like 6,7,8 i really didn't like flowers and they had me taking care of it.

    2. Based on the water retaining capacity of the soil in the pot you may need to water it daily or on alternate days. Once blooming stops, keeping it dry for some time in between watering does not hurt. Fertilization mainly consists of water-soluble varieties on a monthly basis

      people will have to put water on the plants every day take care of it all the time like a baby. This matters because there are people that work and won't be able to water the plants on time. This connect to my life because sometimes I us to forget all about me watering the flowers and my mom us to get mad

    3. The very first step for growing roses as indoor houseplants is the planting process. A four to eight inch pot containing drainage holes is ideal. Plant roses in the layer of peat soil inside the pot.

      many people may not know what to do when they are growing roses at home. This matters because let's say that you are trying to make money out of the flores you making at home and one day you get home and see that all your flores die because you did do all the right things at home for the flores to be good.

    4. One of the popular methods is growing the flowers indoors. It is not difficult and through relevant knowledge, it is possible to fill up your house with these fragrant blossoms.

      there is some people that don't got a hallway.this matters because not all people gos space outside there house to grow flowers out there. If i connect this to my life it will be different because my house in Honduras we are able to grow plants outside.

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    1. green turban

      The word "turban" may be etymologically related to "tulip." That is is green enhances this botanical reference, and adds another image of floral blooming that resonates with the theme of sexual awakening.

      This is also the second appearance of the word "green" in the story.