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  1. Jul 2018
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    1. Mr. Bruff thinks as I think, that the whole story ought, in the interests of truth, to be placed on record in writing–and the sooner the better.

      Betteridge is calling attention to the material (in writing) nature of this account here, as if it were a legal or scientific document. Is this an aspect of his insistence on his story's truth?

    2. I cannot even declare that he killed the third man inside–for I cannot say that my own eyes saw the deed committed

      This is an interesting mini-mystery or pre-mystery, isn't it? Even before we get to the main mystery (the loss of the diamond), we are primed by the uncertainty of this murder. Of course, it doesn't look good for the suspect here.

  3. Feb 2016
    1. Haste thee

      Compare strong accent of l1.

    2. Whom lovely Venus at a birth With two sister Graces more [ 15 ] To Ivy-crowned Bacchus bore; Or whether (as som Sager sing) The frolick Wind that breathes the Spring,

      Competing parentages

    3. uncouth cell

      metrical depression

    4. Melancholy

      Personification, one of Milton's major modes.

    5. Hence

      Begins with a strong accent.

  4. Nov 2015
    1. a becoming hat

      Atkinson suggests that this hat is a symbol of Laura's coming-of-age, that it will mark Laura as "no longer a child." The term "becoming" here, while ostensibly "beautiful" or "suitable," in this reading resonates with Laura's becoming an adult.

    2. green turban

      The word "turban" may be etymologically related to "tulip." That is is green enhances this botanical reference, and adds another image of floral blooming that resonates with the theme of sexual awakening.

      This is also the second appearance of the word "green" in the story.