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    1. “My dear, you tumble my gown,”

      Cans someone help me with this ?

      Tumble:[WITH OBJECT] Rumple; disarrange: (as adjective tumbled) his tumbled bedclothes

      thats as far as i got and i really want to know what she meant?

    2. puce–coloured sarsenet;

      puce(adj):Of a dark red or purple-brown color (OED sarcenet(noun): fine, soft silk fabric used as a lining material and in dressmaking(OED

    3. Lower Rooms

      Lower Room- The Lower Rooms, in Carey’s estimation, were “handsome, commodious, and capacious,” but the Upper Rooms “surpass[ed] every thing of that kind in any town or city in the three kingdoms” (Thompson). The size, the brilliance of the lighting, and all the elegant appointments of the Upper Rooms delighted visitors for several decades. Isabella couldn't help but show her gratitude for not being placed in the Lower Rooms . She goes off then to explain us the the of place that it is down there as well as the people. she calls them “creatures”, and wonders if they will be able to have a ball down there. This is also showing the people who were in the lower rooms and the people who were in the upper rooms. Carey wrote, for example, that Cheltenham boasted two assembly rooms: the upper ones “remarkably neat and elegant, the chandeliers and lustres peculiarly brilliant”; the lower ones “handsome, but inferior”.(Thompson)

    4. Mrs. Radcliffe’s

      “Ann Radcliffe was the most popular writer of her day and almost universally admired. Contemporary critics called her the mighty enchantress and the Shakespeare of romance-writers”(Ann Radcliffe)

      They are a references to one of her books “The Mysteries of Udolpho”. This noel must have had a hold on Austen beasuse she refuses the the characters in the book multiple times

    5. Twelfth Light Dragoons

      12 Light Dragoons -“The 12th Light Dragoons served throughout Wellington's campaigns in the Peninsula, most notably at the Battle of Salamanca in 1812, and later at Waterloo where they suffered heavy casualties supporting the Union Brigade's famous charge,”(Simmers)

      Catherine speaks of something shocking coming to London. Unfortunately Eleanor starts to worry where then Henry had to explain to them that it isn't a disaster that Catherine is thinking of such as ( 12 Light Dragoons detaching). it is just a publication of a novel that is dreadful.

    6. Udolpho

      Udolpho is a character in “The Mysteries of Udolpho “ written by Ann Radcliffe.

      “It was one of the most popular novels of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. It was then and continues to be widely regarded as a key text in the development of the Gothic genre,”(Library)

      Here we are reading Catherines thoughts on whether Catherine should go to Bristol or should wait for the Tinleys for thee engagement though they are running late.

    7. reverie

      Noun: A state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream(OED)