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  1. Nov 2020
    1. my own research

      When I was an undergraduate I found Islam fascinating. It might've been because the Iraq War was going on and a constant topic of conversation. I still revisit the authors I read back then.

    2. Online Services Librarian

      I do all the website stuff. That's why all this copy is written in my weird voice. I hope you don't find it annoying!

    3. Personally, I like to make a game out of just about anything.

      I don't know where this comes from exactly. Why are some of us drawn to games, and others completely repelled by them?

      Better question: what is it about some games that make them permanently glued in our minds? Like, why do I still use a PS2 and play 90's worldbuilding games on them like SimCity2000 and Civlization2 instead of modern equivalents of these which surely feature superior graphics?

    1. I knew little about Islam and my images were from movies like The Exodus (1960) and its biased view of Arabs, and Lawrence of Arabia.

      I remember being exposed to films like "The Siege" well in advance of 9/11, and it springing to mind immediately in the wake of the attacks.

  2. Oct 2020
    1. The "New Technology" Guide is a public research portal of emerging educational technologies. It was written and researched by me, Tim Conley-Abrams, the Online Services Librarian at Manhattanville College in Purchase, NY.

    2. annotations

      This word terrified me as an undergraduate because it meant that I'd have to both cite my research AND explain my citations.

      But now, I love it!

  3. Sep 2020
    1. Imagine finding a bunch of your research online and not being able to print it out.

      OH MAN, that actually happens to me ALL the TIME, since so many great resources are out there and freely available on the internet!


    2. This page is really cool, I bet a really intelligent and talented person edited it.

  4. Oct 2019
    1. Perhaps you elect to use a web annotation tool like Hypothes.is, or a collaborative digital space like Padlet.

      literally how I discovered this tool. Thanks, Professor Gannon!

    2. So long as there are still predatory, for-profit, financial-aid thieves masquerading as colleges and universities, online courses will still be held in suspicion in many quarters of academe.

      We can't merely ensure that we're looking at the services provided by the leaders of the field and do our best to match those efforts, we also need to make sure what we're providing doesn't look like that provided in the for-profit sector. There should be an obvious distinction. This was a big takeaway for me.