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  1. Jan 2016
    1. tutorials

      Nice! You'd be surprised how many people ask me "so how do I start writing on my blog?". I'm going to keep this video handy.

  2. Aug 2015
    1. If you go to http://via.hypothes.is/bavatuesdays.com/a-long-short-history-of-reclaim-hosting/, you'll see eight line-by-line comments to his post.

      This is cool, I may have somehow missed the fact that annotations on an entire page could be made public like that. This was really useful for showing me the power of Hypothesis in a way that made sense (the comparison to Medium is dead on and resonates given the similarities in the workflow).

  3. Mar 2014
    1. Recently, we have begun pulling all of these changes together and are working on developing a second plugin that is open textbook specific.

      This is great to hear! I've only briefly played with Pressbooks but I love that instead of reinventing the wheel you're going to build on a great option for folks wanting to use it with open textbooks.