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  1. Mar 2018
    1. Rewriting is necessary to avoid cross-domain frame issues and to allow the user to browse pages with the sandbox and to keep seeing annotations.

      cross domain

    1. pywb Documentation, Release 2.0The default JS rewriter does not rewrite any links. Instead, JS rewriter performs limited regular expression on thefollowing: *postMessagecalls * certainthisproperty accessors * specificlocation =assignmentThen, the entire script block is wrapped in a special code block to be executed client side. The result is that client-sideexecution oflocation,window,topand other top-level objects follows goes through a client-side proxy object.The client-side rewriting is handled bywombat.jsThe server-side rewriting is to aid the client-side execution of wrapped code.For more information, seepywb.rewriter.regex_rewriters.JSWombatProxyRewriterMixi

      JS rewriter