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  1. Dec 2016
    1. Diego Rivera Arrested in Mexican Capital In Row Over Changes in His Hotel Frescoes

      Diego was extremely angry when his painted (Man, Controller of the Universe) was retouched. This was the same painting that was destroyed in New York. He said that the president was changed, colors of the flags were changed or erased. and Officers dancing with Indians were changed. Diego did not believe that his art or ideas should be changed. So he took a stand, and with 20 other communist, he marched into the hotel (where the painting was) with 5 pistols, shouting. He was later arrested.

  2. Nov 2016
    1. Diego Rivera was born in December of 1886 and first began creating art and murals at the age of three after the death of his twin brother. Young Diego's parents caught him drawing on the walls of their home but rather than punish him for it they instead nurtured his growing creativity. They installed canvas and chalkboard on the walls and let Rivera create as he saw fit

      His talent was nurtured and encouraged by his parents. His talent