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  1. Sep 2016
    1. Every teenager wants privacy. Every single last one of them, whether they tell you or not, wants privacy.”

      Every person wants privacy to a certain extent. As this quote does speak some truth this does refer to people of all ages. It also refers to different things people would want to keep private. We, according to myself at least, all want privacy for something and its fine because we are our own beings.

    2. Social media has introduced a new dimension to the well-worn fights over private space and personal expression.

      This is true. Because someone is more liked socially they receive backlash and hate when people realistically don't know how they are as a person. We choose whats posted and the results aren't always pretty. Its almost as if some of our freedom is also our enemy.

    3. No matter which style of speaking he chose, he knew he’d alienate some. He was right.

      This really shows how we all need to monitor what were saying. In any situation you can be alienating a person without realizing it. The faster you can open your mind to be more universal more may change for the better.

    4. In an effort to learn more about him, the committee members Googled him. They found his MySpace profile. It was filled with gang symbolism, crass language, and references to gang activities. They recoiled.

      Really proves that an employer will reject you due to what you're portraying yourself as online. Everyone is aware there is more than one side to a person. Therefore if the only side they see when they are looking into you is the negative what do you expect their thoughts of you will be?