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  1. Aug 2020
    1. engaging content and interactive team building activities

      wonder if my HR professional would be interested?

  2. Aug 2019
  3. Jun 2019
    1. Saying brightly vague things (aka bullshitting) in a traditional “term paper” format just won’t cut it when one is responsible for making a reliable, verifiable public contribution to the world’s knowledge.

      the power of the "real audience".

    1. The belief that humans are essentially active, free and strive for meaning in personal terms

      sounds obvious when you say it like that.

    1. Some people will insist that technology is neutral — “it’s just a tool,” they’ll say. “What matters is how you use it.” But a technology always has a history, and it has a politics. A technology likely has a pedagogical bent as well — how it trains people to use it, if nothing else — and even if one tries to use a tool for a radically different task than it was built for, there are always remnants of those political and historical and pedagogical designs. Technologies are never “just tools.” They are, to borrow from the physicist Ursula Franklin, practices. Technologies are systems. Technology “entails far more than its individual material components,” Franklin wrote in The Real World of Technology. “Technology involves organizations, procedures, symbols, new words, equations, and, most of all, a mindset.”


    1. openness means allowing access to all or a significant portion of a course without registration.

      a challenging notion: If collaboration is better established within a group that has a clear membrane, this tenet propose a new definition for the membrane: "being interested in the topic" instead of "belonging to this (physical) classroom"

    2. Online Learning: a Manifesto

      no hyperlink?