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  1. Nov 2019
    1. ollectively, thesepowerful letters announce the civic demands of young people on thecusp of adulthood.

      Like I say previously, the number of point of view are not enough to generalize.

    2. Top 20 topic categories.

      Immigration, Guns, Education, that exactly what I choose for my three letters comments. I think this result is also influenced by media. Every day these three areas are the main subject developed on media. 10 years ago the result will show different areas.

    3. Submissions of individual letters included several pieces of informationthat students chose and are publicly available—the name and location of theschool site, a student name, the entirety of the letter, a title, a summary (usu-ally a sentence long), and up to five topics (‘‘tags’’) associated with the letter.

      That reflect the transparency in the work.

    4. 11,000 students from 321 sites across the UnitedStates

      The national center for education statistics shows for fall 2016, approximately 76,238,500 students enrolled in the US. Can we say that the voice of 11000 is enough to generalize? Maybe there are some other issues in the field of education that can no reflect in this study.

    5. the issues of violence with race and racism inAmerica

      Many letters talked about immigration and gun control. I think this is a huge issue the country is facing now and this study reflects the importance of that issue.

  2. Oct 2019
    1. identify the social and technological changes influencing today's learning contexts

      I like this part of the curriculum. It is important to know the change in education in our world rules today by technology.

    2. transformative teaching and learning

      Transformational teaching involves creating dynamic relationships between teachers, students, and a shared body of knowledge to promote student learning and personal growth. (Salvich and Zimbardo, 2012)