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  1. Jul 2019
    1. When memes or the subjects of a meme are used for commercial purposes without permission, the meme creator may sue, as the effect of the commercial use on the market value of the original meme usually prevents a finding of fair use.

      This quote can tell that it is necessary to protect the copyright of the memes creators, which can create the healthy and sustainable development in this field.

    2. Meme creators and posters have been sued for using people’s images without permission, especially those who were not already public figures.

      This still violates people’s rights of privacy. The memes can also be closely related to the law in terms of privacy. This article provides readers with more information about how to protect the user’s privacy based on the open and widely used internet.

    1. At a certain level of virality, you cannot stop motivated people on the internet from piercing your veils.

      According to this sentence, it shows that the internet is still a dangerous place for all people. People still should be cautious to protect their privacy.

    2. The story’s charm disguises the invasion of privacy at its heart: the way technology is both eroding our personal boundaries and coercing us in deleterious ways.

      This tells that the technology is threatening people’s personal boundaries and privacy. The author has introduced the disadvantages of this phenomenon in many aspects. The author has provided a lot of ideas about how people understand the dark side of the social media.

  2. Jun 2019
    1. But when it comes to white people’s stance on black protest, as the great poet and philosopher Montero Lamar Hill once said: “Can’t nobody tell me nothing.”

      In my opinion, I think everyone has the same equal right in the world. However, according to the history, there are so many events present the white threat to the black. People should stop being that way, and we are supposed to stick together.

    1. There are some hard problems with misinformation on the web. But for the average user, a lot of what goes wrong comes down to failure to follow simple and quick processes of verification and contextualization. Not after you start thinking, but before you do.

      This quote is right that people should always check before we start to use the information. In my opinion, I think people should form good habits to check, because it is good safeguard to use the right information, and people should stop to spread and stop to use the wrong information.