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  1. Jan 2019
    1. Heidegger posits that technology is made to be used, it is a resource, and that the utilitarian orientation people take to technology transfers inappropriately to other areas – for example, nature and people.

      Smalltalk-like System and Technology's Utilitarian Orientation Will a Smalltalk-like technology alleviate the tendency of the utilitarian orientation Heidegger implied? If so, how much?

    2. A user of a system like Facebook is constrained by the system much more so than a Smalltalk user, and they in turn reduce their aspirations and expectations of expression, and use, appropriately

      machine-logic, again.

    3. Smalltalk was one of the original Operating Systems developed by Xerox PARC for the Alto – when the design principles governing the relationship between user and computer were still being defined.


    4. that if the field or category doesn’t exist, it can’t be expressed.


    5. if the time and place were constrained

      good point.

    6. We see the impact of this in work showing that people who spend more time in online social worlds find in-person interactions less meaningful11Valentina Rotondi, Luca Stanca, Miriam Tomasuolo, Connecting alone: Smartphone use, quality of social interactions and well-being, Journal of Economic Psychology, Volume 63, 2017, Pages 17-26, ISSN 0167-4870, http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0167487017302520 — they are habituated to the online experience.

      Holy shit that severe?

    7. serious implications as they devote more time in virtual worlds with thin personas.

      controlled by machine-logic, so to speak.

    8. Online social networks have simplistic feedback systems

      good point.

    9. Jung


    10. because people naturally value and enjoy interacting with (and thinking about) other people.

      connected humans.

    11. I would argue, construct their identities in relation to it.


    12. d

      what determines this?

    1. A Python variable is created when a name is used for the first time on the left-hand side of an assignment statement.

      Simpler and thus more confusing than C.

    1. We now turn our attention to a similar idea, that of data abstraction

      great comparison!

    2. computer scientists use abstractions to allow them to focus on the “big picture” without getting lost in the details

      is it due to human capacity?

    1. They view computers from a logical or user perspective

      This analogy is thought-provoking. The logical and the physical might not refer to the same thing after all, and they might be on the same level of abstraction. Neither is "under the hood" of the other.

    2. Abstraction allows us to view the problem and solution in such a way as to separate the so-called logical and physical perspectives.

      Is this separation really possible? Does the abstracted still refer to the original physical?

    3. We say that a problem is computable if an algorithm exists for solving it


    4. they are just that–tools

      typical for engineers to say that lol.

  2. Nov 2018
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    1. Connect the low 4 bits from this fanout to the lower half of the “O” register.


    2. Next, create a connection from the fanout from the high 4 bits coming out of the holding register into the opcode register.


    3. register.


    4. orrectly.


    1. Function arguments are passed by value, which means they are copied in and out of functions.

      Aha! Now I see what this means.lol

    1. Presumably this function is going to be supplied with numbers as inputs because it makes no sense to multiply images or Boolean values or strings by 10.

      C further specifies the input type.

    2. a function definition introduces a new operation on data

      very terse and to the point.

    3. Furthermore, programs are triggered by events in the real world, and the outputs of programs affect the real world

      The dangerous part of it lol.

  4. Oct 2018
    1. beginning programmers and everyone else need never (ever) succumb to this thinking.


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    1. In that case, you need an empty placeholder list that you can append items to individually.