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  1. Nov 2023
    1. Hannah Arendt Papers - Digital Collections - Library of Congress

      Hannah Arendt apparently kept a zettelkasten. The Library of Congress has a digitized version of it in their archives from her nachlass.

      ᔥMikjail in comment on The Two Definitions of Zettelkasten

    2. Addition III, 1945 (Box 95) Correspondence and notes by Arendt. Arranged alphabetically by type of material.
    3. Addition I, 1966-1977 (Boxes 88-94) Manuscripts, notes, and printed and near-print material relating to books and lectures by Arendt. Arranged alphabetically by format and title. Addition I supplements the Speeches and Writings series with extensive material pertaining to the publication of The Life of the Mind, including drafts annotated by the work’s editor, Mary McCarthy. A small group of lectures is also contained in this addition.
    4. There are also essays and lectures in the Speeches and Writings series in addition to the lectures and seminar notes in the Subject File folders designated “Courses” Research material arranged by topic is filed under “Extracts and Notes” in the Speeches and Writings series.
    5. and several files of notes and miscellaneous background information.

      Were any of Arendt's Adolf Eichmann file notes done on index cards? Their arrangement, if any?