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  1. Apr 2023
    1. If my patient notes don’t include a question I haven’t yet asked, ChatGPT’s output will encourage me to keep missing that question. Like with my young female patient who didn’t know she was pregnant. If a possible ectopic pregnancy had not immediately occurred to me, ChatGPT would have kept enforcing that omission, only reflecting back to me the things I thought were obvious — enthusiastically validating my bias like the world’s most dangerous yes-man.

      Things missing in a prompt will not result from a prompt. This may reinforce one's own blind spots / omissions, lowering the probability of an intuitive leap to other possibilities. The machine helps you search under the light you switched on with your prompt. Regardless of whether you're searching in the right place.

  2. Jan 2022
    1. It’s easier than ever for online predators to contact and even track a kid’s location,

      While social media can be used for predators to track a child's location, some of the parenting apps to track your own children can also be used by predators to track their location.

  3. Sep 2016
    1. Activities such as time spent on task and discussion board interactions are at the forefront of research.

      Really? These aren’t uncontroversial, to say the least. For instance, discussion board interactions often call for careful, mixed-method work with an eye to preventing instructor effect and confirmation bias. “Time on task” is almost a codeword for distinctions between models of learning. Research in cognitive science gives very nuanced value to “time spent on task” while the Malcolm Gladwells of the world usurp some research results. A major insight behind Competency-Based Education is that it can allow for some variance in terms of “time on task”. So it’s kind of surprising that this summary puts those two things to the fore.

  4. Dec 2015
  5. Nov 2015
  6. Oct 2015
    1. this is not the same as a market in peril.

      Obligatory Mark Twain misquotation:

      ‘The report of my death was an exaggeration’.

      In this case, some people are rather quick to point out reports which allegedly demonstrate the longterm viability of dead-tree books.