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  1. Aug 2018
  2. Apr 2016
    1. We don’t yet understand how to model a complex conversation in the web’s two-dimensional environment and we’re hoping this experiment will help us learn some of what we need to do to make this sort of collaboration as successful as possible.

      I wonder how far we have come since 2008 ... have we learned enough to really understand the possibilities of the Web as a mode of reading? How it differs from traditional paper reading? Eight years later, and we're sort of still working on the ideas.

    2. It’s an experiment in close-reading in which seven women are reading the book and conducting a conversation in the margins.

      So, I wonder what would have happened if a man or men were also involved. I get why this was not the case, but the gender influences the comments. Maybe? It's interesting that while this is an open reading space, it is also a closed reading space. But tools like Hypothesis allow me to add my own thoughts to the margins beyond the margins.

  3. Mar 2016
    1. would have to be lightweight

      Hi Benita, Does the term 'social' suggest light weight? I think that discussions in this area can be serious and lead to a deeper understanding of the text that is written. I have found this interesting article "Web-based scholarship: annotating the digital library". I wonder what you think? http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=379460