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  1. Sep 2022
    1. instructive

      I love the instruction of the seasons. On the surface it doesn't impact my chosen desk-bound-keyboard-driven career but the very subtle signs of the changing leaf, the itchy grub cuddle huddles, a small bloom on native plants....is a joy.

    2. shroud

      I saw The Shroud of Turin. We had to squeeze down the columns on the left hand side of the church because they were having a marriage practise run or something in the main bit. The cloth was behind glass even though it is most likely a replica of the 'real' thing. I stood and I wondered about holding this rag in such high regard. It might have covered His face or maybe another long forgotten spiritual soldier. It was haunting and even the towering epic building construction could not contain the energy there. Energy fields - they are a nothing that can bring something to naught. (I Corinth 1:28)

    3. useless

      In the useless, there is use. In the senseless, the sense. All I know is that I'm enjoying your writing more and more over the last year.

    1. why are we not better than we are?

      The thread from Liz Ryan and the Eric Trethewey poem is right on my track. I wrote this poem in a Twitter thread and now I pull this out of the 'leaf litter' to place it in the margins here.................... I know not how / but the river of wind has blown this leaf / to land at my front door / lodged under the mat.

      I completed the survey / disc-like indeed / it bounces the harsh light / of my faults back at me / with pretty solutions of / 'what to do' / next time. Why am I not better than I am?

      Perhaps I am enough / perhaps we are smart enough / human enough / to play nicely / or be blunt when the knife edge dulls. / Can I promise the rosebud will bloom forever?

  2. Jul 2022
    1. emojis

      Yes please! What I love about this marginal space is the ability to add different media to communicate. https://media.giphy.com/media/TdfyKrN7HGTIY/giphy.gif

    2. played

      I love this path of inquiry, playing, doodling and diagramming. This can help the thinking and to see what questions emerge.

  3. Jun 2022
  4. wentalearn.blogspot.com wentalearn.blogspot.com
    1. Visible

      Thank you to everyone conversing here, it is rich and rewarding to read and think about. It makes a new visibility, a new light on these words.

  5. Apr 2022
    1. community

      The community the ED/LD/LT/ET's in the TELedvisors ASCILITE SIG are annotating this article in May 2022. Look forward to hosting this with @keithheggart

  6. Mar 2022
    1. fuse

      I recognise this fuse. Today I was told that I could not work through lunch but was required to have a minimum of 1 hr break. Wtf? What am I doing here I thought.

    2. systems

      I love a certain freedom from systems in open scholarship, in marginal writing and poetic responses which seem more raw and real.

    3. I am their paparazzi

      I laugh here. If only we could see how ridiculous we are in our selfie world.

    4. tend our own garden
  7. Jan 2021
    1. class exists

      The class exists / in our imagination / a gathering across spaces / creating lines of flight / as birds spread their wings / grazing wind drifts. The class is existential / yet moving and dynamic / coating our cortex lightly / as much as our neurons can handle.

      With a video version here https://networkedstories.blogspot.com/2021/01/does-class-exist.html

    2. norm

      Go to work, earn the cash, pay the bills Is this the norm?

      Go to Uni, study in class, lunch with friends Is this the norm?

      Travel the world, see new things, attend a crowded concert Is this the norm?

      Hibernate inside, video chat with friends, miss the hugs Is this the norm?

      What is subversive?

    1. binding with briars

      These three simple words are evocative and powerful. I can imagine bindings with lots of things but thorns! Yes, biblical and a poetic protest of the church and what is seen as restrictions.

    2. filled with graves

      This is very powerful and evocative. I have felt this when revisiting a place (like a school yard) that has had buildings placed over the area that I remember as a playground. It seems wrong.

    3. used to play

      This indicates progress of some sort. The natural world being built upon with a thing that is no longer accessible to all.

    4. Garden of Love

      This reminds me of the biblical writings of the Songs of Solomon where the writer uses the garden metaphor for talking about the lover of our soul.

  8. Mar 2020
    1. tremble at the tsunami

      Tsunami and other juggling acts. https://youtu.be/I41CX0RdmPQ

    2. walkthrough

      While Blackboard has quite an ugly text editor, I like the use of highlighting to draw attention.

    3. simple screencasts

      While screencasts are not simple for the newbies to this way of teaching, I think they are effective and I know I've appreciated them from colleagues in the past.

    4. how to abandon work creatively

      This is great advise. It can be a challenge to 'scale down' our ideas of supporting and teaching online. Avoiding the 'insane amount of tech work' is a fine dance that we are all doing.

  9. Jan 2019
    1. alchemy

      Digital alchemy seems to be the profound mixing of elements until something extraordinary is produced that could not be produced in the non-digital world. That is some of my experience in Network Narratives.

    2. student

      Foxes, foxes and more foxes. I have been following your posts on Google plus (wave goodbye to that) for years and it's always foxes.

    1. deep

      I am deep in summer.

      White hot summer.

      The sun is past the friendly figure you watch rolling over the horizon.

      It is a beast you want to forget.

  10. Dec 2018
  11. Aug 2018
    1. m

      The mask that we hide behind / revealed in the writing / our thinking continues / way faster than our hand.

    2. Citwhiluwitarm0M
  12. May 2018
    1. I want to raise the general question of the mutual definition of man's nature and the nature of modern institutions which characterizes our world view and language.

      This seems like the fundamental question for this writing. But what is the 'mutual definition' that is assumed at this point?

  13. Apr 2018
    1. first and last

      Ha! Always willing to accommodate.

    2. level the playing field

      This is assuming that the students have the facility (laptops and devices) to access the resource. Is there an offline version available?

    3. social

      This is something that the digital can provide. More people need to experience open to see the benefits of such.

    4. pedagogy

      I'm reading this as part of my post-grad study at #OU. It is so important to have this documented for these current examples of OEP.

  14. Jan 2018
    1. fundamental unit

      https://unsplash.com/photos/KyUmKlXrhAM Each unit is useful but each unit is different. Each unit has the same function but each unit effects the viewer in a different way.

    1. live tweeting

      I hope to watch this studio visit, live. It will be a pleasant 7:30am on Wednesday morning in Central Australia and I'll be chomping breakfast (that's the plan of this documentary). I'm thinking about SlowTV (https://www.cbsnews.com/news/norways-slow-tv-fascinating-viewers-for-hours-or-days-at-a-time/) as made for these days of assumed-fast internet streaming capability.

  15. Dec 2017
  16. Oct 2017
    1. little discovery
    2. To be clear: if his argument is a door, the idea of a culture of victimhood is the hinge.

      https://unsplash.com/photos/VBs1Cyw2D58 The problem with some doors is that the hinges and even the handles are hardly seen. What is clear is the step. Perhaps teachers that have already made the connections, can only be steps? You can learn about doors, you can learn about hinges or you can learn about buildings, architecture, angles and light. The other trick may be to look into the dark corners, those bits we don't understand. Until you can frame the dark corner you won't know it's dimension or where to start asking the questions and you need the curiosity/care factor to even start asking the questions.

    3. blindspots

      Blindspots! Oh yes, I'm aware of them but have been unable to get around many of them. P.S. don't google that word unless you want to see lots of tattoos!

    1. multi-voiced

      We need to understand more of this multi-modality. These 'voices' can be in many different forms.

    2. neglects context

      This keeps me in a job. My job is to understand context and then apply the numerous and odious volumes of practice sheets that exist.

  17. Mar 2017
    1. genome

      I better get writing my coffee gene (in the style of https://www.poetryfoundation.org/harriet/2011/04/the-xenotext-works/ Christian Bok). I'm hoping to have an 'Author Event' with Christian as he works at the same Uni. I'll hopefully make it an open event and invite you guys!

  18. Feb 2017
    1. wentale

      Also a blog post The Kangaroo - Scene I that explains this a bit more. I really enjoyed the Hangout and the NetProv examples given. I'd love to go to those classes!

  19. Jan 2017
    1. Networked

      So these marginal conversations are networked in a way. But I'm still waiting to see how we can 'network' our stories in #NetNarr. Blogging is a singular activity but as Ray Charles says....'it takes two to tango' to understand the magic of alchemy. https://youtu.be/q4ulNtIYX20

  20. Nov 2016
    1. cultural problem

      And the distance I feel when I read Trump this and Trump that. I'm over here, Oz land, she'll be right mate, no worries-land. Perhaps my ignorance of larger political plays helps me in this fog. Does change.org really change anything or is it attracting drone operators?

    2. persist

      Persistance! Resistance! Resilience! I'm thinking about these 3 words like the 3 words in the previous paragraph. I work in an 'outpost' campus and for over 4 years I still persist with the task of asking for Staff development, orations and other activities on the main campus to be shared with other places and even suggesting shock, that they be opened to the public. I meet with resistance many times but somehow this work resilience in my goal.

    3. chinks of light

      Chinks of light / Could be hard and brittle / Like broken bottles / Revealed in morning sunlight. //

      Chinks of light / Can relieve darkness / Hope given through shards, / Shades and the brilliant / Gift of colour.

    4. 30 November

      Look forward to being in this space (1st of December for me) with a few other marginal mob.

  21. Aug 2016
    1. in flight

      The mighty wedgetailed eagle.

    2. chortle

      This word should be used more!

    3. on the sand

      That sand, that red sand, Coming to this country I am only just beginning to understand the power, the movement, the force of that red sand.

  22. Jul 2016
    1. one day

      Created with Snagit....What is Simon's Summer.

    2. Surfing the outer limits of your posts.

      Another wave splashes onto the beach. Mesmerising, constant but variable.

      The sound of the water seeping, draining, returning, to the ocean floor.

      "What is under the ocean floor" he asks to stop it seeping away, forever.

  23. Apr 2016
  24. Mar 2016
    1. would have to be lightweight

      Hi Benita, Does the term 'social' suggest light weight? I think that discussions in this area can be serious and lead to a deeper understanding of the text that is written. I have found this interesting article "Web-based scholarship: annotating the digital library". I wonder what you think? http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=379460

  25. Feb 2016
    1. Web 2.0 has become a boundary object

      This is a great way of visualising it. I've never thought about that shift into 'mainstream'. I can see parallels with amateur associations and when they decide to go pro.

    2. What I see here is the 'desire to participate' as the human aspect and the 'affordances' is the technological aspect. Apart from the AI argument, it is the humans that push the tech, humans that design the tech and in many cases it is the humans that replicating what existed 'pre-digital' into the digital.

  26. Jan 2016
    1. Be sure

      This is giving structure....it might seem open but it's structure. Yes...let's encourage participation but more than that, a collaboration, a conversation...that we can learn from.

    2. Activities

      Adding: Join in Here!

    3. help structure

      Structure, Not Structure, Foundations, Scaffolds..... What do we stand on? Shifting sands?

    4. tempt subversive acts

      And yet, I am tempted by this subversive act. Whether this will help me learn, I'm not sure.

    1. positive deviants

      An example of this here

    2. they developed social structures that helped them deal with the risks and the dangers

      This article is a perfect example of a social structure created to deal with social media and perceived 'dangers' of the internet. From Vanuatu, a country that has had independence (from Britian and France) for 35 years and internet in only the last 15-20 years. Image Description

    3. attention economy.

      By being active in a participatory culture I think this can break into the attention economy.

    4. learning “in the wild”

      Is this the same as rewilding your education?

      I like Terry's idea here to semi-privatise this conversation/annotation exercise by making this chapter available through his blog. While anyone can come here (from the wild) it is more likely to be found via people that follow Terry via other social platforms (semi-wild).

      Learning in the wild~An all-seasons activity~For all the brave souls. #haiku

    5. We are each making interventions around education that stress collective rather than individualized, personalized, or privatized modes of learning. For me, a participatory learning environment is one that respects and values the contributions of each participant, whether teacher, student, or someone from the outside community.

      I do not see collective learning moving away from personalised learning. I can choose to participate in any learning activity (such as this one)....that's my choice...yet I am also choosing to work collectively (hopefully).

    1. ariety of modes

      This sounds like a really flexible way to study.

    2. mandatory entry requirement

      Can I get assistance if I need it for the skills required in this course?

    1. Heat sensors for attention

      Ok, so this is very meta....I'm adding annotations to my annotations on using an annotation tool! The question this rasises for me are many: Is this necessary? Why do this? who looks at this? Am I wasting internet bits and bytes?

    1. use in class

      I'm wondering if there needs to be some sort of guidance given to students when using this tool for the first time to make it the best use of their time possible.Help!

    1. If we generate then we are obliged to filter.

      This is a great answer to "what do we do with it all". As was your question in the first GHO. I really like the follow-on comment which is moving from curation to creation. These words are bits and bytes but they add to the thought processes in my head, hence I'm learning! Thanks.

    2. affordances

      The whole hangout was interesting (yep, watched nearly all of that)...but the last part was particularly interesting of the reflections people had from the place 'where they stood'. A whole lot of different directions coming out of this working together.

    3. homago

      This Hangout was a revelation to me in a number of ways. It brings collaboration to a whole new level. Not only were you conversing together but you were trying a new tool, together and making it visible, sharing and recording it for later use. Wow!