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  1. Apr 2024
    1. Margins

      Leaving poems scattered here -- most make little sense but are still inspired by your words

    2. watch

      our tired eyes

      telling lies

      for what we see is not what

      we saw

    3. phase

      Phase phrasing:

      a gentle dimming of meaning

      where words in your head

      don't mean the same on the page --

      for the heart, intervenes

    4. fraught

      So tender is the writer

      with words tucked inside

      a pocket, fearful of how fraught

      the eyes of attention can be

    5. engineer

      Word tinkerer

      wrangling an idea

      into text -- the next

      thing you know,

      it's a mess

    6. mosey


      arrives slowly -

      I'm all mosey

      with not nearly

      enough engine

    7. margins

      Edged out

      in eraser marks,

      these faint lines

      of something

      once written, now gone,

      I lean my pencil

      against the line,

      and dream

  2. Mar 2024
  3. Mar 2023
    1. poem riffs
    2. come back

      Moonlight, three a.m -

      the thread that I lost earlier

      suddenly is there, here,

      it's become a whisper

      that won't go quiet,

      and try as I might,

      I rise before the sun

      for another poem has begun

    3. infinite constraints

      Some of us are bound

      to wonder, in wonder,

      with wonder, constrained

      in infinite space, but still left pulling up

      the corners to witness what's beneath

    4. bone bright

      And white light, blown into view

      by the particles,

      shaken inside the invisible;

      I wait for it,

      the movement meant for me,

      a signal to begin dipping my pen

      into the ink of shadows

      left behind after the illumination

    5. idle unfocused

      Where gravity pulls you,

      resist the urge to fall into it -

      Instead, find the focus knob

      and turn the thoughts into something

      useable - a poem, a song, a story, a shout

      of love into the crowded unseen world;

      Then, listen close to the reverberations

    6. daybook score

      Night's notes - play them soft -

      in tension with the upward design

      of day's sweet melody, and write

      what you hear, even if it's silence

      tucked inside your solitary head

    7. Folding up annotations Like a paper Gas station map

      And where do we go

      from here, she asks, as if

      I am somebody in the know

      but I am not, nor ever was --

      still, I trace my finger along the folds

      down streets, and into fields, and through woods

      hoping for a safe place to land

    8. Looking for anomalies

      Now, with winter nearly gone,

      we rediscover the worlds

      alive beneath stone and rock,

      seemingly oblivious to us -

      but maybe not

    1. All the Places I Have Never Been

      May I have permission to write some poems off your lines? I believe I see you nodding yes. Thank you, friend.

    2. small rains

      Gravity says they fall as hard and as fast

      as their heavy cousins,

      but poets know they land

      lightly, a tender kiss falling

      along the chin and cheek

    3. been

      Been there

      Never did it

      Almost saw it

      Nearly wrote it

      then forgot it

    4. reckoning

      One is never ready

      for a dangerous reckoning;

      We become too lost in moments

      of the past's beckoning

    5. cartographer

      Is it still a map,

      she asked, in wonder,

      if I never write it down,

      never draw it out,

      never give directions,

      but only find a sliver of thread

      and pull?

    6. pendulum

      I laze, daydreaming

      of metronomes, the beat

      of sound ticking off the song

      which never ends

    7. pockets

      It takes a sec

      for the drummer to find it

      to kick it

      the pocket woven by feet

      and fingers

      on the four

    8. seed

      An envelope of dirt-rich

      seeds arrived, and it was your

      handwriting that caught my eye --

      the possibilities of something beautiful

      growing in the soil next to me

    9. Let the work guide me in service of the song,

      Minor chords

      turn on notes a half

      step off

      My mind works

      the night

      in blue

  4. Oct 2022
  5. Sep 2022
    1. instructive

      I love the instruction of the seasons. On the surface it doesn't impact my chosen desk-bound-keyboard-driven career but the very subtle signs of the changing leaf, the itchy grub cuddle huddles, a small bloom on native plants....is a joy.

    2. shroud

      I saw The Shroud of Turin. We had to squeeze down the columns on the left hand side of the church because they were having a marriage practise run or something in the main bit. The cloth was behind glass even though it is most likely a replica of the 'real' thing. I stood and I wondered about holding this rag in such high regard. It might have covered His face or maybe another long forgotten spiritual soldier. It was haunting and even the towering epic building construction could not contain the energy there. Energy fields - they are a nothing that can bring something to naught. (I Corinth 1:28)

    3. useless

      In the useless, there is use. In the senseless, the sense. All I know is that I'm enjoying your writing more and more over the last year.

    1. why are we not better than we are?

      The thread from Liz Ryan and the Eric Trethewey poem is right on my track. I wrote this poem in a Twitter thread and now I pull this out of the 'leaf litter' to place it in the margins here.................... I know not how / but the river of wind has blown this leaf / to land at my front door / lodged under the mat.

      I completed the survey / disc-like indeed / it bounces the harsh light / of my faults back at me / with pretty solutions of / 'what to do' / next time. Why am I not better than I am?

      Perhaps I am enough / perhaps we are smart enough / human enough / to play nicely / or be blunt when the knife edge dulls. / Can I promise the rosebud will bloom forever?

  6. Aug 2022
    1. poem

      "I felt like a radio DJ playing records in the middle of the night, unsure if anyone was listening." -- Jon Mooallem (via the post at Marginalian).

      I don't recognize his name but somehow, I feel as if I read this story before of one Jon saving the life of another Jon in the wilderness through the reading of poetry to keep the hurt Jon awake. Part of me wonders if I read about it through a piece by Barry Lopez.

      And yet here, the story of poetry as life-saving devices resonates through my online feeds, once again, and it reminds me, to address the quote that I pulled out, that maybe there are times when people are listening, and you just need some faith that it is so.

      Deep Night by Sonny Clark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GKvPNEkNdw

  7. Jul 2022
    1. Why don’t we automatically look for activities that we would be doing were it not for the ones we were already doing in the classroom or more generally at work?

      Great Q --

  8. Jun 2022
    1. uncertainty
    2. The Future Gallops Hard

      We often mistake one for the other

      Pondering on the lovely slippery-ness of this line from the Solnit/Woolf passage

  9. Apr 2022
  10. Mar 2022
    1. This only seems to work for me with poetry.

      I wonder if the loose bounds of poems makes this process of process sharing easier than longer fiction/non-fiction pieces, where there may be more moving parts? I am always intrigued when I see a flowchart for a novelist or a television show, charting the path forward.

    2. built

    3. Further revision is always possible, but I never seem to get around to that.

      Eh. Same.

    4. I printed out the roughest draft and then began to stitch it together into one electric current of meaning, editing on paper.

      Huh. Write digital. Print. Edit analog. Rewrite digital.

    5. dialogue between my italic self and my regular-fonted self.

      Use of formatting is always an intriguing idea ... sometimes, a font change doesn't change from one site to another, though, which then changes intent. Does that happen with you?

    6. disparate ideas

    7. pic

      I am always in wonder at your use of your color gel pens for the ways in which you draft your writing ... it's always a work of art

    8. adapted

    9. Stole it
    10. I cannot believe how much I am leaving out

      Necessary ... of course ... but so is the thinking out loud (or so I believe).

  11. Feb 2022
    1. galactic

      This is far off on another tangent but this morning, I did a little exploring about the Mexican composter Esquivel! and saw this cover art (notice the telescope!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kFBbvIEwpI

      and the picture book I used to write a poem was entitled: “Esquivel! Space-Age Sound Artist” by Susan Wood/Duncan Tonatiuh

      Just interesting connections to a galactic exploration of memory

    2. A Telescope Is a Poem and a Poem Is a Telescope

      This world's out of focus,

      so the poet I am brings in a bit

      of hocus pocus

    3. Sky and Telescope
    4. telescope

      I had one, too. It looked impressive but didn't give me much magnification of the sky ...

    5. The Coal Sack Nebula

      "... the inky Coalsack Nebula, or Caldwell 99. Caldwell 99 is a dark nebula — a dense cloud of interstellar dust that completely blocks out visible wavelengths of light from objects behind it. The object at the center of the image is a (much smaller) protoplanetary nebula. The protoplanetary nebula phase is a late stage in the life of a star in which it has ejected a shell of hydrogen gas and is quickly heating up. This stage only lasts for a few thousand years before the protoplanetary nebula’s central star reaches roughly 30,000 Kelvin (approximately 17,000 degrees Fahrenheit). At this point, the central star is producing enough energy to make its surrounding shell of gas glow, becoming what’s known as a planetary nebula."


    6. muse

      I find I keep circling back to this word ... you, too? Maybe it's part of the mystery of where do ideas come from? How can I wake up, with no poem mind, and find one so readily? (Notice I didn't say finding a good poem, just a poem)

    7. Something in the sky lived in the poem on the page.

      Sometimes, we find poems inside of poems, intact. This is one of those.

    8. the physical heft of words that I could share.

      Wow. Love this line ...

    9. It was the first poem I had ever shared and my parents did not know what to do with it

      I love that you are connecting poem here to sky, to discovery, to curiosity .... making the leap ...

    10. poem

      That you remember is pretty amazing ... I cannot ... but like you, I remember learning about nebula and thinking: what??

  12. Jan 2022
  13. Nov 2021
    1. Everybody is talking metaverse thanks to Facebook’s recent announcements. If it takes shape at all, the metaverse is going to end up as the mother of all coordination headwind problems.


    2. coordination headwinds — the stuff Komoroske’s slide deck is about. Complex plans, requiring careful coordination among many people, running into various sorts of uncertainty and going wrong, forcing the gang to improvise and recover.

      Good description of the term ..

  14. Jul 2021
  15. Oct 2020
    1. time

      How To Write This Poem

      begin here ...with TIME

      where words

      are layered with text

      where the pen

      etches into screen ...

      then go here ... https://www.vialogues.com/vialogues/play/61205

  16. Mar 2020
  17. Dec 2019
    1. Afghanistan

      This was a great podcast from NYT: The Daily -- it starts with a report who was a front-line soldier during The Surge and ends with a reporter who wrote about the Afghanistan Papers

  18. Nov 2019
    1. Terry

      Some friends

      leave such words, threaded

      into the architecture

      of a shared humanity --

      an act of something

      beyond the self;

      Finding traces embedded

      here, now, then, there

      reminds us

      that tokens of kindness

      resonate farther

      than we can ever see

    1. blink

      Moving my blinkblinkblink from Thimble to Glitch -- this project has jumped platforms more times than ... you can blink ... somehow, it still survives ...

  19. Oct 2019
    1. words

      I am stuck today with an overabundance of words. Multi-syllable symphonies strung together like nonsense. Shall I plant them as seeds to grow you a tree to sit under for dreaming? Do you need more? Dreams, I mean, not trees. But maybe that, too. Maybe all these ever are are just seeds for trees, trees for dreams. Listen. I am watering the soil. Wait for the poem, and it shall bloom and blossom and wither and fade. This is what my words always seem to do. Then I forget and do it all over again.

      One seed: https://play.soundslides.com/BL6JLBbd

    2. Spent

      When I wonder

      where it is

      I went, I realize

      that all I ever was

      was spent

    3. Ten










  20. Aug 2019
    1. The Anatomy of a Pitch

      Appreciate the practical turn here ...

    2. If you want to publish essays in popular periodicals, then you’ll need to become less possessive of your prose.

      barrier to many academic writers, for sure, who guard their words and ideas with barricades and language

    3. hook

    4. if you want to publish more public-facing pieces, then you need to pitch more often

      or set up a system where more writers of color and gender and viewpoints are invited to the pages ... and do academic institutions value this 'public facing writing' or do they devalue it?

    5. Either way, you are increasingly responsible for building your own audience for your research. Shrug that off at your own risk.

      THIS point seems important to the academic world -- of the role of the writer to build,find,nurture an audience -- to carve out a role for original ideas -- I think more and more fiction writers are doing this, with some success (and some, not so successful, and others, aghast at the role of the writer in the social media age)

    6. You’re pointing the way forward.

      always ...

    7. Adult Children

    8. Why was so little Austen scholarship humorous?
    9. Jane Austen Society of North America’s Annual General Meeting.

      eh, narrow space for sure ...

    10. “But it was featured on the front page of The New York Times!” I said. “Exactly!” he replied, as if that fact better supported his point about its insubstantiality, rather than mine about its significance.

      Huh. Interesting conflict here ...

    1. We have to start where we live and where we work. This is one of the places I live and work

      Ah, yes. Love this phrasing ...

  21. Mar 2017
    1. At $600/lb.

      ! ? !

    2. Black laboratory anyone?

      Holy crapola ...That's all we need: people setting up genome labs in their basements. Just saw Logan, and watching Stranger Things. "nuff said.

    3. BS detection and deep searching

      We need more of this. The world of BS is staggering in its growth.

    4. Deadly rubber band weapons.

      The first time we met, as roomates, you gave me a bunch of wicked strong rubber bands, right? You passed them to me, and said, Here you go. I remember thinking: Dang. What can I fire across the room today? But maybe I should have been thinking this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NxL2dHAQOo Now where did I put them?

    5. several students doing podcasts

      Awesome. Will they be public? Do they need an audience? What topics?

    6. Why can't we all just be convivial toward each other and the planet?

      Why, indeed. Is it really so hard? Perhaps we are on the cusp of finding more middle ground ... but I don't know about that. Not yet, anyway.

    7. Terry Elliott

      I know this dude ...

    8. diversity of my web feeds

      So important to be drawing in and refreshing our feeds ... so we expand and don't contract our views of the world ...

  22. Feb 2017
  23. Jul 2016
    1. video

      Rooster soundtrack ...

    2. What’s in your right-click menu?

      Mine is nearly empty. Interesting. I almost never venture into the land of the right click, but not sure why. I mostly use the tool bar of my browser. Right click land seems more efficient ...

    1. If tech isn’t connected to life it is an inert idea

      But it is up to us to make sure that doesn't happen ... developers often don't know the way something will be used (they have an idea ... often, it is wrong ...)

    2. poem

      Me, too

    3. field walks

      I am a huge fan of field walks -- or learning walks -- or whatever term we want to use, where we head out not in any one direction or with any specific intention ... merely to discover something you didn't know you might discover.

  24. May 2016
    1. Venn

      What if we took this Venn and turned it again, and where the line meets the circle meets the line, we drew ourselves dancing? - See more at: http://impedagogy.com/wp/blog/2016/05/22/the-wolf-in-the-fold/#comment-12397

    2. mystery

      Surely, it is, and it is in the mystery that we engage in it.

    3. existing to herd

      OMG .. love this wordplay ...

    4. making learning legible

      Yes, if only ... or maybe no, if only not ....

  25. Feb 2016
    1. In no way does it capture the territory

      The map isn't the territory. The map gives us a better access to the territory.

    2. I think that turning the map into a game board is worth considering–research project as game board.

      These strike me as two different, related things: a choose your own adventure game vs a research board game. One is a branched narrative, or a narrative maze of sorts, while the other is a set of rules, turns and processes which frame decisions.

    3. My students asked me for a map

      Backpacking with friends, it is one type of experience when I walk off into the woods having only glanced at the map. When my buddy Donald carries the map, I trust his time estimates and his route selections. I know I'm going to stay with the group, following and chatting. When Donald errs and we end up setting up camp in the dark, I get to complain.

      On other occasions, when I'm walking on my own with a map in my backpack, the decisions and the trip calculus are my own. I've got more thinking work to do but also a sense of freedom.

      When I ask the map it is because I want to make a few decisions or I want to study closely the decisions being made for me. Image Description

    4. By the map, this map is a doozy to refold.

      As all maps are .. once unfolded, they take on a story of their own ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYLPe9WLqe0

    5. noting waystations and places where tickets get punched.

      I love the byways of discussing a course like this and wonder what the students thought of this. Terry is bringing the spirit of inquiry and adventure into the learning ... wondering whether some are doubtful about this approach (ie, Tell me what to Learn and I will show you what I Know ....)

    6. Humbling

      Good for you. This suggests to me a negotiation where students push back and grapple with project expectations, outcomes and deadlines. It seems really appropriate that the teacher walks away wanting to reflect.

    7. my map, their territory

      I'm on my second read of this piece. My first was on my phone when I knew I didn't have time to annotate. The map looked like scribbles to me until I zoomed in on my laptop. It scares me a little now that it makes perfect sense to me. Looks like a supportive class process, inside of which students' processes will fit.

    8. Gordian rhizome


    9. Otto Scharmer and Peter Senge
    10. “choose your own adventure game”

      here be monsters

    11. An eerie quiet descended.

      an eerie quiet

    12. actual, stratified rhizomatic root ball of their territories.

      "multiplicities or aggregates of intensities." ATP p15

    13. My Map, Your Territory

      A map is not a tracing? "The rhizome is altogether different, a map and not a tracing" ATP p12 http://projectlamar.com/media/A-Thousand-Plateaus.pdf