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  1. Jan 2016
    1. I thought to scaffold the course so that we moved (almost narratively) from foundations to reinvention to emergence and pure imagination.

      But surely there is a difference between this type of instructional design that tries to force learners to follow a particular route, and the (for me more familiar) use of the term to offer a helping hand when learners wobble, or say that they are lost.

      As the trite cliche says, don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    2. Be sure

      This is giving structure....it might seem open but it's structure. Yes...let's encourage participation but more than that, a collaboration, a conversation...that we can learn from.

    3. Activities

      Adding: Join in Here!

    4. help structure

      Structure, Not Structure, Foundations, Scaffolds..... What do we stand on? Shifting sands?

    5. tempt subversive acts

      And yet, I am tempted by this subversive act. Whether this will help me learn, I'm not sure.

    6. Why must learning be a subversive act? Would love to unpack that. I think learning is full of agency and resistance to external forces trying to impose certain kinds and approaches to learning

    7. would be colonial, patriarchal, and disempowering

      Yes. This. Yes yes yes. And so is much ID. And teaching if we aren't careful

      Note to self: remind Lee of poco facdev article