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  1. Jul 2019
    1. Note that mentions tagged by “Incorrect” and“InsufficientMetaData” are deemed not legitimate and it is desirable that RDW andRRID-by-RDW not identify them.

      but there's no way any analysis restricted to the article text will ID this, because you have to resolve the RRID to figure that out, right?

    2. Papers containing SCR RRID

      Why would papers have a higher percentage of SCR RRIDs? Where are the other RRIDs found?

    3. Summary and Conclusions

      the conclusion is in the paragraphs above titled comparison. Perhaps this para should be titled "future directions" or something?

    4. The Use of RRIDs vs Data Citation

      This section seems like it should be in the introduction.

    5. corpi

      correct plural is corpora

    6. where authors did not report an RRID forthe resource that they used, constituting 37% of all RRID mentions identified by SciBot

      Ok so Scibot is identifying digital resources from a list & flagging when there's no RRID but there probably should be?

    7. RDW recognized mentions of digital resource names, RRIDs or URLs from a total of701110 articles

      There are 190000 RRIDs in 13000 articles. RDW found RRIDs (doesn't say how many) in 701110/(2341133+738910+72493+151784=3304320) articles. So there are resources mentioned in about 21% of articles, based on extraction, but presuming all of the 13000 RRID containing articles were included in the 3 million, the RRID prevalence is closer to 6%, but RRIDs mentioning digital resources are 26748 or .8%. So 4/5 of articles don't mention digital resources at all?



  2. Feb 2018
    1. The average size of the panels in the AIDS quilt are 5 feet long and 5 feet wide. Each panel featured in the quilts are unique because they are dedicated to a lost life due to the fight against AIDS. Some include more than one person in a panel, these panels are created by family or friends. Depending on the size of each panel they can range from 4-8 individual panels on one quilt.

      A good description about the AIDS quilt letting people know the size of the quilt itself.

      Maybe add another introduction as well to this explaining why you're doing this project

    2. loyalty is sincere he was a fan of the Tar Heel

      Did he attend the school or was he part of the team

    3. death

      On his day of death were people happy he moved on or sad that he was gone

    4. “A special friend”

      Probably find more information on how close he was to the person that he was close to

    5. his love for videography

      Is there any videos that he ever did if he did explain or put out what he did

    6. May 25th,

      fix this

    7. make it pop more than the other

      Use more formal and differentiate your sentences a little more.

    8. The navy blue background offers contrast for the light blue, vibrant golden yellow and fire red. This panel is square shaped but the information it includes is outside of the box.

      Even though the panel is described might need to make more deeper description.

    9. Pictures of him are also featured these pictures were placed on top of a red

      Might need to fix this, maybe add a comma somewhere

    10. Floyd C. Parker, Jr. Panel Primary Source Description

      *Was not able to annotate Ky'Metri's panel because did not have his PSD draft".

    11. The colors that were featured in the panel were a navy blue background and baby blue writing. The choice of the dark navy blue helped the words and phrases catch the eyes of onlookers much more easier.

      This description gives a good idea on how the background looks and the words across the panel alone.

    12. :”I’m a Tar Heel Born, I’m a Tar Heel Bred and when I Die… I’m a Tar Heel Dead”

      A good sense of a quote being that he was a Tar Heel fan.

  3. Dec 2017
    1. Lines 41-42 --this sentence needs rewriting because at the moment it says that biotic heterogeneityis an important determinant of biotic heterogeneity!

      The referent here wants to be an annotated segment of interest, to which discussion (and workflow tags) can attach.

  4. Apr 2017
    1. Introduction
      • a little more detailed introduction
      • add attribution for the photograph
      • introduce your three claims at the beginning
      • introduce your thesis too
    1. Explaining The Claim
      • on the first slide, i suggest including an explanation of the word "do-good"
      • explain the different types of research further
      • create another slide to compare and contrast each researchers studies and their different impacts
      • slide 3, include photo attributions
    1. People in The Space
      • Include Photo Attributions
      • I did not understand the purpose of this slideshow, because I did not understand its' relation with your claim.
      • I liked the arrangement of your slides, because it helped convey a specific message
      • Great Slide
      • Include Photo Attributions
    1. Comparing Environments
      • on the first slide, you need to list the quote's author to establish credibility.
      • on the third slide, i suggest increasing the size of the two photographs to help fill in empty space
    1. The Civil War and Atlanta shaped the city because the city was burned to the ground and bankrupt. This situation forced Atlanta to rebuild from its pre antebellum state into an even better version. Atlanta, before the war and reconstruction was as major post for the trading and selling of agricultural goods to all over the country and the world. However, when reconstruction came, the city had to adjust. Reconstruction forced many out of their rural towns into the city to start new jobs and new lives much different from the farm and plantation lifestyles.

      I believe that this is an introductory paragraph to the next paragraph because it basically give the claim for the next paragraph try combining the two paragraphs and who will have a nice flow and that way the claim is known

    2. The majority of the people that moved into the city were share croppers and freed slaves. This created a population shift and growth. This also created a more industrialized economy with more production and businesses rather than agricultural and trade

      Im not really sure what the claim is between these two. Try making the claim a little more noticable so the reader knows exaclty what he or she is getting into when they start to read this and again you could add this to the paragraph where it starts talking about african americans because it would help elaborate.

    3. Another positive ramification of the Civil War and Reconstruction was the addition of the “Atlanta Spirit “during the New South movement. The idea of the addition of art, education, and culture into the city allowed Atlanta to take on a life of its own. Today we know Atlanta as a major hub for art, music, and diversity and without the New South movement, then the city may not have had an opportunity to implement schools and emphasis on enterprises other than big business. Atlanta is a unique and influential city, but without the Civil War, Atlanta would not have become as beautiful and dominant as it is today.

      This paragraph has the claim of spirit also helping aid the south and you could possibly add this to the other paragph where you spoke about the movement instead of making it another paragraph because the addition information at the end of the paper makes it choppy

    4. Since so many African Americans, once freed, were pushed out of the rural areas into the urban areas, the city became a safe haven and a place for growth.

      This seems to be your claim but you only talk about your claim brefly when it could be elaborated more.

    5. Henry Grady used reconstruction as an opportunity to start the New South movement. This movement was an effort to industrialize the city even further. The industrialization was pushed forward by Hannibal Kimble (Ambrose). During this movement, the idea of adding the “Atlanta Spirit” to the city pushed Atlanta to heights never even imagined. This movement put in place more schools and a great emphasis on art and culture (Ambrose). Atlanta is now home to headquarters of world renowned companies such as Coca- Cola, Cable News Network (CNN) and United Parcel Service (UPS), and many other companies. Atlanta is also the Hip Hop capital of the world and the home to many famous musicians and artists (Ambrose). The city also houses colleges such as Georgia Tech and Georigia State University.    In addition to these movements, the high African American Population allowed for the city to nurture the African American population.

      There doesnt seem to be a claim here but maybe make your claim broader in this paragraph since your talking about multiple things here and about fortune 500 companies that were housed in the city.

    6. However, what ultimately lead to the city’s destruction lead to its rebuilding – the railroads.

      At first when reading this, this sentence seems to be the claim but as i kept reading the rest of the paragraph did not seem to match the claim. just elaborate some more with your claim and about the reconstruction era in atlanta.

    7. it is today

      dont forget to add a works cited to the end of your essay

    8. Reconstruction.

      change it to "the reconstruction era"

    9. tlanta is a city that is world renowned for being a giant on multiple fronts.

      try re-wording this sentence. the part about "being a giant" could be changed to sound a little more scholarly.

    10. but they were relocated in order for the railroad lines to flourish (Ambrose).

      playing the devils advocate someone could say that this is incorrect and the native americans were not relocated but thrown out or pushed out by the white man. have that in mind when you edit this. also check up on the citation becuase the citation seems to be biased.

    11. marking its first period of growth

      whos period of growth?

    12. By 1860, Atlanta was the fourth largest city in Georgia with a population just under 10,000 (Ambrose)

      instead of just adding ambrose into this try directly quoting where the author says this in your source. it could make your paper a little more diverse in what kind of sentences you have

    13. One fifth of that population was slaves. 

      try added other minorites into this statictic not only african americans.

    14. was


    15. Then As the city expanded other well know landmarks had other purposes.

      reword this because it sounds weird when you say it.

    16. used to be

      *was used as a

    17. circle

      change this world to group. circle sounds a little weird when you put it into this sentence.

    18. he Confederate government

      i've never heard of confederate government. try useing another world for the group. Try saying something liek "confederate leaders" because the confederates never actually had a government.

    19. Soon, the Confederate government turned Atlanta into an industrial center for the production of goods needed for the Confederate Army. 

      This seems to be the claim in this paragraph. It is a little confusing when you start reading the paragraph becuase I didnt know if you were going to talk about the amry or politics in this but it ended up being about the army and stength of it. Your evidence in this paragraph seems to back up your claim. You could try and eleborate more with your claim. Instead of having one citation that backs up your claim try adding some more to elaborate it. Your second citaion in this paragraph does not have much to do with the claim since it is about industrialization of atlanta and production of goods.

    20. As we think about how the city of Atlanta grew, we have to think about how it began. Originally, the city of Atlanta was a major hub for railroad and trade of agricultural goods. Before the railroads were built, the area was inhabited by the Creek and Cherokee Indians, but they were relocated in order for the railroad lines to flourish (Ambrose). Mr. Wilson Lumpkin, can be credited for the installation of the railroad in Atlanta, marking its first period of growth. By 1860, Atlanta was the fourth largest city in Georgia with a population just under 10,000 (Ambrose). One fifth of that population was slaves.  Then As the city expanded other well know landmarks had other purposes. For example, the infamous 5 Points Marta station used to be a slave auction and trade post (Davis, Stephen).  Once the Civil War began, Atlanta gained a new purpose.

      I dont see a direct claim here. You moslty talk about the begging history of atlanta. You talk about a couple of different things in this paragraph and it does not seem to flow that well due to the fact that none of the things you talked about were eleborated as well as they could have been.

    21. Atlanta is a city that is world renowned for being a giant on multiple fronts. The city is so influential, yet many people do not stop to think about how the city became the giant that it is today. A simple answer to this question is that the city has endured momentous history in order to achieve its success. A few of the events that stand out as the most influential times are the Civil War and Reconstruction. These time periods can also be attributed as the reason why Atlanta outgrew many other southern cities and became its unique blend of enterprise, travel, and diversity.

      SO in this paragraph im thinking that the claim is that Atlanta ia a very popular and thats because of its history. I feel like you could adress your claim in a better way but over all i get the main point of this paragraph. Since this is a "introduction" I wouldn't expect you to have many evidence but you do mention the recontruction period and the civil war. One thing that you did not do in this paragraph is cite a source.

  5. Mar 2017
  6. Apr 2016
  7. invasionstories.wordpress.com invasionstories.wordpress.com
    1. Home

      This is one of a few incomplete pages on this site. Once the content is written in the same style and tone as the other provided content, then the completed piece will be even more successful. This particular movie is also a more contemporary work, which makes it very relevant to the topic overall.

    1. So Attack the Block is your everyday, textbook invasion story: aliens invade, trouble is caused, people die, humans fight back, and we get a somewhat happy ending. But what makes the aliens scary in a contemporary context? After all, this movie was just released in 2011, so what new fears can be found here? Well actually, the movie is quite helpful in telling us what it’s not about after Dennis and Pest so eloquently put it, “Hey, this ain’t got nothin’ to do with gangs!” “Or drugs, or rap music, or violence in video games.” So if the aliens don’t represent these imaginary fears, what is real enough to be scary? The fights a struggling lower class are put through in order to survive in their society which has stacked the odds against them? Sounds possible, especially when you realize that the aliens don’t attack or kill anyone outside of the impoverished lower class, aka those who li

      Here invasion stories is defined by the fears it arouses within the reader. The film becomes bigger than just an invasion story where aliens attack humans; it touches on a bigger picture such as pinpointing political themes that deeply affect the people.

    2. Here is the obvious summary of the film. This is very much needed for the reader who isn't familiar with this particular film. Avisual is provided to make the page aesthetically appealing.The author stays consistent with this effective design and style

    1. “Invasion of the Body Snatchers “(1956). AMC Networks, n.d. Web. 30 Mar. 2016. “McCarthyism.” Ushistory.org. Independence Hall Association, n.d. Web. 30 Mar. 2016. Saporito, Jeff. “Was “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” Intended as Political Allegory.” ScreenPrism, 5 Feb. 2016. Web. 30 Mar. 2016. “The Cold War.” John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. JFK Library, n.d. Web. 30 Mar. 2016. Image: Theatrical release poster via Wikipedia

      Here is the evidence of given credit to borrowed sources. Therefore, it shows that within the content, the author has provided substantial information backed by these specific sources. The reader can further investigate the topic if he/she wanted to.

  8. invasionstories.wordpress.com invasionstories.wordpress.com
    1. but what makes them so culturally important and why have they survived for so long? Project Invasion hopes to answer this question and hopefully give people interested in these narratives more information about what makes an invasion story an invasion story.  

      Here is the posed question that the authors intend to answer through the featured invasion stories. Even if this About Page isn't the static front page, the reader can still identify the information being presented. What the reader can take from this information is that through the sites illustrations, he/she will be able to understand what an invasion story is and what kinds of invasion stories exists.

  9. Feb 2016
    1. and level of intelligence synonymously. In terms of future plans, graduate school is on my horizons.

      I want to read more! But, I know that there's a word limit. I enjoyed your demonstration of critical thinking on the topic of literacy. However, in the highlighted section here, I'd suggest making a smoother transition so that the reader knows that this is the end of your essay aside from it obviously being the last para.

    2. Harvey Graff,

      Because you mentioned him in the previous parag and addressed him as only Graff, I'd go back and state his first name there as well just for consistency.

    3. My understanding of literacy has evolved beyond the skills metaphor and aligns with the notions of Ira Shor:

      Great transition here to the next para. You could either start this sentence as a new para or leave it... either way works.

    4. Dr. Harker,

      May you specify the course?

    5. Dr. Wharton’s Fall 2014 course

      Can you specify what class? That way the audience will know the extent of relevancy here.

    6. English 3050: The History of Rhetoric and Technology, I learned about the 15th

      Who was your instructor?

    7. Over the course of two courses,

      I'd suggest finding a synonym for one of the "courses" just for the sake of flow here

    8. In 3100, I researched contemplative studies and composition for my final project.

      Could you add just one concise sentence here briefing over what it is exactly, but tying it back to the main point of this para?

    9. English 3090 and 3100

      See comment for para 3

    10. In 3100

      See comment for para 3

    11. In English 3140

      See critique on line "In English 3090" para 3

    12. In English 3090,

      In your first paragraph, you named the course entirely. I'd suggest being consistent throughout your essay here for the purpose of clarity and again consistency.

    13. The initial essay was an attempt to apply a Marxist critique in context. The final product was a reconsideration of that concept in the light of becoming a rhetorician, with consideration to audience, purpose, and context.

      Again, your hyperlink here is placed at a great spot for the reader. Although in a sense it may interrupt one's reading, it does no harm here because towards the end, you make aware your point of the Marxist critique and what it is.

    14. My project on the iPhone considers the sociopolitical implications of smartphone manufacturing and the psychological effects of technology use. I drew on investigative journalism, the popular play Ruined, and the works of Benjamin and Belk to explore critical issues that a consideration of the iPhone raises.

      I like how you tie this back into your mentioning of the iPhone in the previous paragraph. I'd suggest putting this entire highlighted piece at the beginning of this particular paragraph so that it makes a smoother transition when reading it. Everything else is fine the way it is.

    15. n terms of the historical underpinnings of rhetoric and power, in

      I absolutely enjoyed your use of hyperlinks here. They are very appropriate and convenient. I also think your audience will enjoy this.

    16. Rhetoric, in contrast to public concepts of it as mere empty

      I think this entire paragraph is awesome Daniel. for some readers it may be a bit verbose, but considering that the main audience will be the staff that's assessing it, I think it's completely fine here.