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  1. Jun 2019
    1. tag or mention district schools or communities.

      I think that this is something important to highlight as well. There are a lot of people that are looking at a district from online. If people are posting wrong or offensive things about the district, this could create potential problems for people who are looking at the district. I think the true image of the district should be able to be reflected, and not false allegations or posts from kids on social media. Therefore, monitoring the public posts per the districts own well being is important.

    2. There’s little doubt that students share information on social media school administrators might find useful.

      I think that administration viewing students public posts has no harm. They are choosing to make these posts public. This means anyone that views their page has the ability to see it. If they wanted something to be private I do not think that they should be sharing that publicly. I think the fact of this being "okay" has a lot to do with cultural relativism. This is relevant for the school community and with recent events happening in schools they want to make sure schools are safe, this is one way precautions can be taken.

    3. Those include guidance on privacy settings, but not discussion of the district’s use of Firestorm’s service.

      This allows me to wonder if they are omitting this information from the students, so that way they do share more, or have more public privacy settings. If they are educating them on privacy settings, why not inform them of aspects that are unaware of like this service and how they are being monitored. I think that they the administration is thinking in terms of duty ethics. They have the duty to correct past wrongs involving protection of schools. They also have the duty to keep commitments which includes ensuring students are safe at their school.

    4. There’s little doubt that students share information on social media school administrators might find useful.

      Today's young generation has a lot of social media issue. Recently, the technology keeps improving. Although, it can be good and bad. First, it can be good because we can use the technologies for checking how students dress up through cameras. We can also keep an eye on the students' internet access or tweets using specific software that people are making. It can be a useful tool to control student's behavior on social media. However, the weakness of technology is getting too much access to others. Most of the time too much access is a reason people get in trouble on social media and poor connection with others in their real life.

    5. Blake Prewitt, superintendent of Lakeview school district in Battle Creek, Michigan, says he typically wakes up each morning to twenty new emails from a social media monitoring system the district activated earlier this year.

      I think that controlling kids by using new technologies is really good idea. If it works, it is helping a staff who is working with those high school and middle school students. However, I would say there is a limitation of controlling them by the new system. The essence of this problem is more about humans' emotions, such as what they think and feel and how they hurt. It is hard to see emotion from the words that they post on internet. There are the two different parts that technology can do and what only people can do. Which is empathy. I feel we need to recognize what the machines or software can accurately find as a resource and information. We need to understand how to incorporate this technology.

    6. There is some debate over whether—or how—it can be accurately or ethically extracted by software.

      The concerns being raised in the article is putting a stop to violence before it happens. Lakeview highschool in Battle Creek Michigan states that each morning that they receive around twenty emails regarding sensitive language and Instagram post on social media. The reason that they are taking the action to monitoring social media is because they want to stop the violence before it happens in school. IF the schools sees material that needs attention they often call the parents or in some cases contact the police. With the schools monitoring system this could be for the kids an invasion of their privacy and could make the kids feel uncomfortable in a way and make them feel like they do not have a freedom of speech because everything that they post is being monitored.

    7. “There’s always follow-up that has to be done, but I would rather have more information than less,” he says.

      Duty Ethics states that “Rather an action should be thought through according to one's duty, or according to one's duty, or according to the universal maxim for doing good. This means that they are going to sacrifice the freedom of a social media to ultimately prevent mass shootings in schools.

    8. The shooting that killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, earlier this year has become a talking point for this niche industry.

      My personal reaction to this is that I believe that it is reasonable for the school to monitor their kids' social media. I think that this is a great way to reduce crime in their school before it happens. I believe if the kids have social media they should know that anything that they post can be seen by anyone and once they tweet,post or comment it could be out there forever.The article mentions the Florida mass shooting that left 17 people dead and also mentioned beforehand that they boy that did the shooting was posting on his Instagram how he was planning this whole thing. I believe if this High School was doing the same as Lakeview this problem could have been prevented. I think that it is appropriate for all High schools to have a monitoring system on they kids attending the school not only would this reduce bullying but on a larger scale stop mass shootings from happening.

    9. Patton worries that the technology being proffered to schools may be more likely to misfire on language used by black youth, potentially causing them to experience greater scrutiny from school administrators.

      From an aspect that controlling people, this article brought me about the issue of justice ethics. The main idea of it is based on everyone needs to be treated equal. In this case my point is, the machine cannot determine truly what people think. Everyone has a right to ask for help to the others not machine. In the article, there is a point that author talked about, the technology cannot see or find out the social issue specific to ethnic youth because of the language that they use. If it happens, we cannot accomplish the equal treatment to everyone.

  2. Nov 2017
    1. One of the most important areas that needed improvement within the team was communication.

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