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  1. Jun 2019
    1. When it comes to forming identity relationships online from reading the article and from past experiences I do not think that they are meaningful. Relationships are not as green as everyone thinks that they are. Couples often times post their best pictures online which could make them seem happy with one another in reality they probably aren’t. I believe that Instagram couples may give out a false conception because they feel the need that they are in a relationship that they need to post happy pictures with one another. When it comes to if the relationship is genuine, the article talked about how people can meet online, flirt, and break up online. Nowadays when meeting online we just look at a picture of someone and decide if we are interested in them without even knowing anything about them, this eliminates getting to know them personal and genuinely getting to know them.

      I agree that online environments limit forming close relationships and forming intimacy. Reasons why that I think this is that how close can a person actually get to someone though the internet and actually form a bond vs meeting them in real life. People can get so caught up in the pictures people post just because they look good in them but do not look to the other sides of things like how do they look outside of their instagram and if the can even connection emotionally with them. Back in the day before cellphones people had to go up to people they wanted to take out on a date and sit down with them face to face and hold a conversation vs being behind a phone screen were people can give false information about themselves.

    1. Target famously (or infamously) used an algorithm to detect when women were pregnant by tracking purchases of items such as unscented lotions—and offered special discounts and coupons to those valuable patrons

      They keep track of information they are able to better the supply and demand of the product. It discusses in chapter 2 that being informational literate is being equipped with information and when to recognized it when it is needed Such as in this article when talking about Target and keeping track of what is being bought.

    1. In its purest form, fake news is completely made up, manipulated to resemble credible journalism and attract maximum attention and, with it, advertising revenue. Examples include: “Transgender tampon now on the market”, “Pope Francis at White House: ‘Koran and Holy Bible are the same’”, “U2’s Bono rescued during terror attack, issues sick message to victims”.

      In regards to literation literacy information literacy has evolved from what it was to what it is now, back then they would use references and sources to get information. Now it says in order for you to talk about news you just have to be equipped with the ability to recognize the information to report on. Fake news now today can be just a lot of made up things to make an individual look bad and people would believe it even if it is not even true or real facts.

    1. As we gradually become surrounded by and coupled to smart gadgets which manipulate the information we promote about ourselves, we acquire an onlife personality—one different from our real world ‘embodied’ personality.

      The more people get smart gadgets and the more people get involved on social media, there can be a lot of manipulation to who they really are. When it comes to social media people can pick who they want to be on social media in reality that may not be who they really claim to be. This related to ethics of article one, there are ethics and principles that need to be reinforced to be true to other people and to ourselves.

    1. There is some debate over whether—or how—it can be accurately or ethically extracted by software.

      The concerns being raised in the article is putting a stop to violence before it happens. Lakeview highschool in Battle Creek Michigan states that each morning that they receive around twenty emails regarding sensitive language and Instagram post on social media. The reason that they are taking the action to monitoring social media is because they want to stop the violence before it happens in school. IF the schools sees material that needs attention they often call the parents or in some cases contact the police. With the schools monitoring system this could be for the kids an invasion of their privacy and could make the kids feel uncomfortable in a way and make them feel like they do not have a freedom of speech because everything that they post is being monitored.

    2. “There’s always follow-up that has to be done, but I would rather have more information than less,” he says.

      Duty Ethics states that “Rather an action should be thought through according to one's duty, or according to one's duty, or according to the universal maxim for doing good. This means that they are going to sacrifice the freedom of a social media to ultimately prevent mass shootings in schools.

    3. The shooting that killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, earlier this year has become a talking point for this niche industry.

      My personal reaction to this is that I believe that it is reasonable for the school to monitor their kids' social media. I think that this is a great way to reduce crime in their school before it happens. I believe if the kids have social media they should know that anything that they post can be seen by anyone and once they tweet,post or comment it could be out there forever.The article mentions the Florida mass shooting that left 17 people dead and also mentioned beforehand that they boy that did the shooting was posting on his Instagram how he was planning this whole thing. I believe if this High School was doing the same as Lakeview this problem could have been prevented. I think that it is appropriate for all High schools to have a monitoring system on they kids attending the school not only would this reduce bullying but on a larger scale stop mass shootings from happening.

    1. The ethical principle that I chose to do was Rules of Ethics. This section talked about in the 16th century Hobbes believed that peoples individual liberties lead to their selfish decisions. Hobbes felt that civilization was all based on the fear of death and the will to be in power. He felt that people should have construction and commonwealth and people should should have the final word to be able to keep the peace this has been seen in may cultures to be unacceptable.

    1. d or bad purposes. The technologyitself is neutral with respect to ends; it is simply a tool. There’s no such thing asgood or bad technology, on
      1. Dash talks about in the podcast when you become a doctor you have to take an oath that you have to take care of anyone no matter who they are. Doctors go through studies and ethical principles of their profession that helps them get to were they need to be. I feel like when it comes to bad users and good users there is not any training on how to use technology. It is advancing so much and we are having to learn the ethical principles at an advance rate and there isn't any training for that. We never thought sexting would ever be an issue but now it is against the law when involving a minor because it is considered child pornography at this point. Bullying has also increased due to technology specifically social media, before phones when a child would leave school they would get a break from people but now that there are phones bullying can happen 24/7. As technology continues to advance we need to be ready for the ethical principles and how we can be good users.
    2. nd environments. The aim of philosophy oftechnology is to understand, evaluate, and criticize the ways in whichtechnologies reflect as well as change human life individually, socially, andpolitically. It also examines the transformations effected by technologies on thenatural world of nonhuman life and the

      This annotation connected with the podcast Anil Dash was having about the role technology played in the presidential election in 2016. Technology is our most powerful tool, if we do not learn how to use it ethically, it could eventually take us over.Everyone benefits from technology because as the years go by things keep changing and upgrading and there is a learning curve because we have to learn how to adjust to it. The 2016 election taught society a lot because at the time we had no idea how powerful the internet could be.