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  1. Oct 2022
    1. Sentencing judges weren’t able to see into the internal workings of the model because the code was proprietary.

      Would they even know what they were looking at?

    2. 2016 report from the Obama-era Office of Science and Technology Policy warned that the impact of artificial-intelligence-driven algorithms on workers has the potential to worsen inequality, and noted that bias buried in computer code could disadvantage individuals in a host of fields.

      potential government source.

    3. Crucial pieces of software can have big societal effects, and their biases can often go unnoticed until the results are already being felt.

      What we do outside the simulation is reborn within it.

    4. artificially intelligent software, the stuff we count on to do everything from power our Netflix recommendations to determine our qualifications for a loan, often turns out to perpetuate social bias.
  2. Aug 2022
    1. Every day, there is a new spike of anger, recrimination, or legislation directed at “information disorder,”

      The piece provides a pretty canonical - to me, by now - framing of "digital public space" efforts as an alternative to market regulation / market competition measures. Interesting #digitaldivide aspect in the 2nd part, showing how "broadcast internet" from public broadcasters could help bridge the gap (25M people without the internet in the US)

  3. Nov 2020
    1. How do you feel about learning online or using • technology in the classroom? Have your experiences been positive?

      In interviews I conducted with students studying remotely during the pandemic, every single one said that their technology skills had increased. One outcome of so many people moving to use online teaching and learning tools is they became more experienced and confident with online technologies in general.

    2. Consider free transportation for students who need wifi that’s unavailable at home

      This has been a tricky issue during the pandemic as transport for internet access may increase health risks. I have seen some EDUs also loan out wifi hotspots from the library.

  4. Apr 2020